Outsourcing the Content Marketing - How It Can Help Your Business

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    Outsourcing Your Content Marketing - How It Can Help Your Business

    The Ford Motors production line revolutionized manufacturing and, in the process, it made the idea of specialization not just a household term but an indispensable part of doing business right. The message was clear: by working smarter, not harder, you could do better on all fronts. Ever since then, virtually every single industry on the planet has followed suit in one way or another. From pins and needles to advanced rocket propulsion systems, and from expert malpractice attorneys to immersion games and hyper-realistic art, everything today is made by people and companies who are specialists in their fields.

    And for those of us who work in the areas of high tech services, marketing, or online sales, the same holds true.

    There are companies that specialize in web design, others that specialize in in-bound marketing, others that focus on customer footfall and conversions, and even companies that do nothing but take over your official Twitter handle for a fee in lieu of sweet, succinct tweets every month!

    Regardless of the type of work you need to have done, you can find someone who specializes in it. Good business sense dictates that you stick to doing what you do well, and leave other things to specialists who can do the same things more cheaply, more quickly, and more effectively (as long as they are things that do not pose privacy risks, are critical to your business's lifeline, or are things you specialize in yourself).

    When it comes to content marketing, all of the principles above hold true as well. Instead of investing time, energy, and resources, and distracting yourself writing online content, blogs,

  • www.hs3marketingsolutions.com

    or reviews, or creating podcasts and the like, you should outsource this ancillary business function to a specialized provider of these niche services. And in case you aren't convinced that that's the way to go, here are a few benefits of, and reasons why, you should definitely consider outsourcing to a group of content professionals so that you can go back to running your business.

    s By outsourcing, you no longer have to have a full-time employee create content for you, nor do you have to train existing employees how to create persuasive, compelling content.

    2. Save time by partnering with a good agency that provides quality work in a short period of time. Start multiple projects at the same time, since your bandwidth is not being consumed.

    3. Learn from those in the field. Outsourced writers, depending on their area of expertise, will know what to write about a certain topic, and have the requisite background and experience to write content that is relevant, meaningful, and insightful for you.

    4. Avoid distractions and stay pumped. Content creation is an unavoidable part of many online businesses, and if you get bogged down because you are unable to churn out an article or a blog in a given month or week, your work in other areas will suffer as well. Getting the job done by someone else will not only ensure you stay on track, but it will help you to stay focused on other critical business matters as well.

    5. Gain a reliable extension to your business. Good content creation agencies are reliable, dependable, and are there when you need them. Developing a partnership with them is a sure-shot way to ensure you and the content they create for you is highly visible online, is SEO-optimized, and is getting the right interactions from the right people. Think of them as your very own, in-house marketing and research department, just without the overheads.

    6. Maintain a steady flow of incoming content that you can publish regularly. You don't necessarily have to write an article or a blog post every day for your business to do well. A good content marketing company will not only create your content for you, but they'll know when, where, and how to reposition existing material to better fit different platforms. For example, a blog can be turned into an infographic, a slideshow for a presentation, a downloadable .pdf file, or even a podcast. Doing things this way will net you additional mileage from the same content, and you won't have to produce something new each time for different sites or accounts.

    At HS3 Solutions, we believe in the benefits of specialization, and that business men and women are better off focusing on their core competencies and not expending their limited (and invaluable) time and energy developing the kinds of creative and persuasive content strategies that fall beyond their fields of expertise. Our team of content experts and professionals have years of experience writing and developing content, and they can do so at a fraction of the time and cost that non-specialists would require for the same amount of work.

    How? Well, we've already been through it, so we know what it takes to understand audience you are trying to reach, how to document things so that they can be improved along the way, how to find out what people want to know (and how to answer those questions), and how to become the thought leader or field expert that you want to become through the creation of new, interesting, relevant, and meaningful content.

  • www.hs3marketingsolutions.com

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