On page seo(search engine optimization) tips techniques 2015

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  • On Page SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Tips/ Techniques 2015

  • On Page Optimization

    Generally, On page SEO is the way to optimize your

    website in detail. Optimize your URL, content,

    image, title, descriptions and keywords etc.

  • On Page Tips

    Meta Title Avoid using shorter title.

    Choose low competitive keywords in the title.

    The length of title should be 60 characters.

  • Meta Description The lenght of the meta description should be 160


    Put your most important keywords in description which

    is used in meta title.

    The description should be informative and short.

  • Targeted URL Target the relevant URL to the keywords.

    Eg. Round Rock SEO Services then target

    http://www.epidemicseo.com/seo/ URL.

  • Heading Tags The very important thing is Head lines.

    Main important heading in H1 heading tag.

    H2 and H3 heading tags use for sub headings.

  • Image Alt Tags To optimize the image, require to assign alt tag.

    Google optimize your image by Alt tag.

    Put relevant image alt tag, hence it will show in SERPs.

  • Content Optimization Content play an important role in Search Engine Optimizaton.

    Quality and unique content is good.

    Highlight most important keywords, bold the text hence user can

    easily get idea what exactly things.

    Put your most important keywords, relevant to the services or

    products and put internal or external link when require.

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