On-Page Optimization Framework - SEO Infographic

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  1. 1. SEO Components Optimization Tactics TITLE TAGS H1s, H2s, ETC. KEYWORD INFUSION IMAGE ALT TAGS QUESTION-BASED SUBHEADINGS PAGE LAYOUT META DESCRIPTIONS STRUCTURED DATA Knowledge Graph Featured Snippets Reviews Events Tweets DOWN-FUNNEL CTAS Hard Conversions Soft Conversions LATERAL CTAS Cross-Linking Social Sharing Created by Rhen Wilson, Freelance Content Marketing Strategist, 2017 | Icons by Xela Ub Visit www.rhenwilson.com On-Page Search Engine Optimization Framework rhenwilson.com INTENT The keywords users query suggest and imply their intent.Use the SERP (search engine results page) to attract visitors by responding to their intent. CONTENT The content must answer a question or address the pain point of the search- er's intent. Content must be easy to understand, scannable, and visual. CALL TO ACTION Content should fully answer the user's question at that moment but should also anticipate the user's new needs by oering a relevant next step.