MKT 494 - How We Built Our Digital Marketing Team

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  • How We Built Our Digital Marketing Team

    ...and how it can get you a job Slideshare url

  • * Sample of allowed Web Designer archetypes

    circa 2011 AD

  • SEOs?

  • I thought I told you that we dont stop

  • Digital Marketing

  • Owned Web | Email | Mobile | Social

  • What do we make?

    Where do we put it?

    Is it all essential?

    Who values this?

  • Link Building is about forging relationships

  • Web Analytics

    Our partners/rivals

  • Build | Measure | Analyze | Optimize

    Data Mining + Business Analytics

  • Who do we look to hire

  • Read more from industry experts

    Write convincing copy

  • Analytical Thought Process

  • Citizen of the Web

  • Thank You

    Slides available for download here:


    Ryan Glass