Marketing Your Natural Product with Instagram

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Marketing your natural product with instagram

Marketing your natural product with instagramLisa Kalner WilliamsSierra Tierra Marketing@kalnerwilliams1


Brand AwarenessYou want to make it clear what youre all about? Then think of this photo. First off, its an easy-to-understand photo a deer in motion. But its also a photo of fast moving creature just like your Instagram audience. Their directions are different (side to side v. top to bottom) but their minds and bodies are doing very similar things.

So make the image clear. Let the eye focus on one thing. Collages can be fun to make as a personal user of Instagram, but they consistently get less engagement because people cant make heads or tails of what theyre seeing while theyre scrolling.

You know whats also hard for an IG to process? An image that isnt square. 640 x 640 pixels is an ideal size.

Make it personal AND about product. People use IG as a bit of an escape.4

Lets go beyond the photo briefly by discussion the caption. Marketers love captions --- bc XYZ. But IG have little use for them.

If you do post an image that makes an Instagram user hover, use the caption say something enticing now before you lose them! Put the most important part of your caption within the first 30 characters. Theres little time for a windup.

And it stuffing a caption with a bunch of keywords is of very little use. IG aint Google.

The only thing that folks can search for in your captions are


#67Market Research

Market Research8

?IG makes gives hyperlinks less prominent than other social networks by not making links in captions tappable.

Want to throw in some links anyway?

[[show the deer again]]

Do you think this deer will take the time to figure out how to copy a static link and open it in a separate mobile window?

If so, make it short and memorable. Or make a fake link in the geotag section. Best way: If you want people to get more information about you, refer them to that one tappable link in your bio. Do you have to-do checklists for your online promotions? Add this for whatever you do on Instagram: Update your bio to reflect promotion URL.


User Generated Content10Benefits of User Generated Content (UGC)Increases diversity of content to post to Instagram Provides social proof to Instagram usersAdds visual content to Website Showcases real-world user examples on e-commerce page

3. @hilaryseatwell does this11

Bobs red mill, guayaki, Exploreminnesota and Hollisterco



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