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Marketing of Library and Information Services

Text of Marketing of information nilis 2013 december 29 mtl

  • 1. OF LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SERVICES By J J G Arachchige University of Ruhuna

2. Are we safe in our Business? 3. ? What marketing is? (Selling products) ? (Advertising) ? (Attracting people)? (Winning people) ? .? Partly yes. But more than that. 4. What marketing cont. Marketing is the process of finding and then keeping customers. Theodore Levitt Marketing is the analysis, planning, implementation and control of carefully formulated programs designed to bring about voluntary exchanges of values with target markets for the purpose of achieving organizational objectives. It relies heavily on designing the organization's offering in terms of the target market's needs and desires and as using effective pricing, communication, and distribution to inform, motivate and serve the markets. - Philip Kottler (1994) Definition 5. (The most agreed in the library context is "to provide the right information to the right user at the right place at the right time) Marketing has a theoretical part and a creative part. 6. Anyway, marketing begins before the production and continues until the product goes to the customer/end user 7. Why marketing? Companies today have various issues Deterioratingcapital/funds Highproduction cost Alternativeproductions Change of consumer behaviour 8. How about the library? Are libraries safe today? Enough fund ? Optimized usage ? Support from parent organization ? Have good recognition ? 9. Is library the only place providing information in the area? What about Google? Articles and book chapters download Google docs and Spreadsheets Google calendar Google base Google maps Google wallet G-mail Gtalk Google scholar Google phone IGoogle 10. Are there hidden competitors? Video retailers Communication centers TV/Cable TV Radio News agencies Private libraries Database dealers article download at 99 cents. Online business and more and more 11. What about the situation? Invading librarys territory Threat to the library Challenge Competition Profit 12. Are libraries losing their monopoly position Users no longer satisfy with the library Are users aware of the services available 13. How about the library Catalogue Vs Google search Opening hours Target services User friendliness Satisfaction 14. What can we do for our survival? Fight? Withdraw? Compete? Alliance? Explore market for new services? So how?Source : 15. Competitive Responses Better we respond like a business We have to market the library We can learn from business sector companies 16. Proactive Business companies are proactive and customer oriented find the needs of customer Segment the market Then plan and create the product for target segment If potential, it stimulate the market to create a demand Maintain the product excellence 17. (marketing process) Marketing process 18. Market of the library The General Market broad community that we serve : students, faculty and staff of a college or other school. The residents, businesses and government offices of a town or city The departments, staff and management of a corporation or other 19. Different Viewpoints Users ViewLibrarians View Books, Videos & MoreArticles & DatabasesReserves Library E-JournalsLibrary of CongressSource: Jia MiGoogleEmail/IM FriendsOther Catalogs Research Resources Digital CollectionsCourse WebsitesLibrary WebsiteFrederick Nesta Shanghai International Library Forum 2006Text BooksAssigned Readings 20. www.designrulz.comIt is important to know our general Community However, no library serves 100% of their available community. A small segment of the general community makes up the bulk of our business. Repeat customers who could- and should- become our 21. Core Customers: who your core customers are: Who A variety of ways to find out Surveys/ Questionnaires Library Database Circulation Records Important to know their basic demographics: Age Sex Income level Children at home Education level Languages spoken at home Religion What products/ services do they want/ need Whatever else seems important for your library 22. What our users need? It depends on the segment Research information Educational resources Entertainment Community information Raw data Personal help Life skills Soft skills Space 23. Marketing Mix 4 Ps (7Ps)Product - Price - Place - Promotion - Process - People - Physical evidence - 24. (Product) 25. What can we produce Any information resource/service user wants Reference Information Service Telephone Information Service Interlibrary loan SDI Story hours Programs: puppet shows, film series, tax assistance, etc. Learners adviser service Information and referral Circulation of materials Lending of toys, tools, art prints, etc. 26. Collections of materials: bestsellers, video, films, books, magazines, etc. Access via cable television or computer Online Catalog CD-ROM database access Use of audio visual equipment/computers Books by mail Bookmobile service Study carrels Meeting rooms Reserve materials And so on 27. Branding and packaging Business companies package and brand their products for the target customer LUXsoap Milk powder Specialization to serve better than others 28. Cant libraries package and brand? Informationfor kids ? Teen information? Information for house wives? New couples? Colombo information? School library news? School Highlights? Senior citizens entertainment? 29. Quality product specification Library can ensure the quality Accuracy of information - Timeliness - Welcoming staff - Quick easy catalogue - Website user-friendly - Update - Easy process and procedures - Pleasant environment 30. 31. Collection 32. A librarys products include materials, information access and services.But they also include friendliness, comfort, community and a wide variety of life-enhancing pleasures.Most libraries instinctively can assign a high value to these things. 33. Pricing of products Business people price their products to gain ROI. Return- Cost = profitThey use various pricing strategies 34. (Pricing) 35. 36. Can library services priced? not necessarily monetary term Depend on the objectives of the firm 37. Cost = capital +staff time + recurrent expenditure Return= No. of services + No of users satisfied + No. of books purchased + overdue charge+ subscription fee + Deposit + Photocopy Charge + research assistance + Internet access fee + + +. Profit = Image + User loyalty + Credit from the parent organization + Increase of annual allocation + Recognition Carnival approach? Supermarket approach 38. When a customer buys a quarter inch drill, what they really want are quarter inch holes Theodore Levitt Pamper your core customer. Remember that customers dont really want products or services,

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