Make YOUR Season's Greetings Card Memorable

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Why send a Season's Greetings card? It's not required by the SEC or IRS. Will your card be distinctive? Some thoughts on the standard practice to help you re-evaluate your traditional card.


  • 1. Make YOUR Seasons GreetingsCard MemorableJanet FalkFalk Communications and Researchwww.janetlfalk.comPhoto credit: Danielle Gilbert

2. Why Send a Seasons Greetings Card? Not mandated by the SEC, IRS, FDA or FCC If you didnt send one, would clients, referralsources and contacts notice?Lets take a look at some popular themes:Falk Communications and Research 212/677-5770 3. Holiday TreeFalk Communications and Research 212/677-5770 4. Reflecting Lights of Evening SkylineFalk Communications and Research 212/677-5770 5. Skaters or Local LandmarkFalk Communications and Research 212/677-5770 6. Who Sent This Card: You, YourCompetitor or Your Dentist? 7. Make Your Card Align with Your Brand Seasons Relationship Card Express and confirm a unique aspect of yourwork with clients, referral sources and vendors Ensure your card could nnoott bbee sseenntt bbyy aacompetitor or dentist Create a card that will not be lost in thedisplayFalk Communications and Research 212/677-5770 8. Ready to Send a MemorableSeasons Relationship Card?If you want to send a holiday card that wontbe overlooked and mixed in with those sent byyour competitor or your ddeennttiisstt,, ccoonnttaacctt::Janet Falkjanet@janetlfalk.com212/677-5770