Local SEO Strategy Checklist for 2015

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  • Location Is Important 1/3 of searches are local (location-based)

    50% of mobile searches are local 40% of people look up something local one a day 2/3 look up something 3-4 times a week

    Local search matters to business

    People take action after searching locally:

    Location Is Broken 40% of location information is incorrect Most listings dont have photos and videos to give buyers confidence

    But engagement on listings increases to 242% if they do

    Yext Marks The SpotWhat Does Yext Do?

    Mission: Get perfect location information in every hand

    We allow businesses to own and control their location informationacross the web

    Location software to digitize and manage location info Network to instantly publish rich info on 45+ sites and apps

    What do we offer?

    Control and measurement Yext is the only provider with direct relationships with publishers to guarantee timely updates

    Richness of listings Exclusive special fields on listings help users get theinformation to make a decision

    Software to make it easy Managing location information means instantand easy access and reporting and Yext is the only place

    Sources: Google, YP, immr, Yext

    Looked up on a mapVisited a business

    Made a purchase in-storeRead or wrote a review

    Called business or service


    52%0 10 20 30 40 50 60


    % of People Who Made An Action After Local Search

    Source: Google

  • Location Information Checklist

    Get listed everywhere

    Customers use an average of 5 sources when researching purchases, so get listed everywhere they are looking

    Understand your presence on top sites like Yahoo!, YP and MapQuest

    Understand your mobile presence on apps, maps and navigation

    Correct your digital location information

    If your location information isnt correct, your customers wont be able to find you, so take care of the basics of your business

    Correct your business address Correct your business phone number

    Complete your business listingsGive your customers the information they want (and need)

    Add hours of operation (and adjust seasonally, if needed) Add search categories Add business website Add business description

    Share deep local content

    Help your customers by showing them whats inside your store (and so they choose you over the competition)

    Add Product/Service lists or Menus Add Bios for your staff Add Calendars of upcoming events

    Keep your location information fresh

    Your customers are interested in new content, so update your location info at least once a month

    Update your Featured Message monthly Update business photos and videos monthly (if applicable)

    Track and optimize your listings performance

    Monitor what types of content your customers find useful and give them more of it

    Monitor listing views Track Featured Message clicks Keep an eye on reviews