Let's Work Together (SEO & PPC)

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SEO and PPC are two sides to the same coin; leveraging insights from complementary marketing mediums enhances the online presence for your business and allows you to be visible wherever your consumers are.


  • 1. Lets Work Together!Embracing an Agile Methodology Leveraging SEO & PPCBrett SnyderOwner, Brett Snyder Consulting@BrettASnyder

2. Brett SnyderOwner, Brett Snyder Consulting Integrated digital marketingconsulting Be Where Your Audience Is! Twitter: @BrettASnyder@BrettASnyder #smxeast 3. Brett SnyderLover of sports & outdoor activities@BrettASnyder #smxeast 4. Brett SnyderRecently married with a 7-month fur baby@BrettASnyder #smxeast 5. Brett SnyderCareer agency marketer@BrettASnyder #smxeast 6. Left Brain Right BrainLogical, Analytical,ObjectiveIntuitive, Thoughtful,Subjective@BrettASnyder #smxeastImage Source: Kimberrywood (http://bit.ly/YwCQ7M) 7. @BrettASnyderKeyword Research#smxeast 8. Means to an End Keywords = OurCommon Language Foundation for howusers engage with thesearch engine Fundamental differencebetween SEO & PPC@BrettASnyder#smxeast 9. Search Terms Report@BrettASnyder http://bit.ly/1qJBVaj #smxeast 10. Search Query Report@BrettASnyder #smxeast 11. Search Query Report@BrettASnyder #smxeast 12. Google Analytics is Still Valuable!@BrettASnyder #smxeast 13. Google Analytics is Still Valuable!@BrettASnyder #smxeast 14. Competitive Keyword@BrettASnyderResearch#smxeast 15. SEMrush@BrettASnyder #smxeast 16. SEMrush@BrettASnyder #smxeast 17. SERP Competitive Analysis@BrettASnyder #smxeast 18. SERP Competitive Analysis@BrettASnyder #smxeast 19. Linkclump@BrettASnyder http://bit.ly/linkclump #smxeast 20. Tagxedo@BrettASnyder http://bit.ly/tagxedo #smxeast 21. Tagxedo@BrettASnyder http://bit.ly/tagxedo #smxeast 22. On-Page Optimization@BrettASnyder#smxeast 23. Optimize Organic CTR@BrettASnyder Variable ad copy forvalidated learning Non-ranking factors(i.e. meta description)are still very powerful#smxeastImage Source: http://bit.ly/1wPAtJ8 24. Landing Page Optimization SEO visitors take moreorganic conversion paththan PPC A/B Testing Respect the user!@BrettASnyder#smxeast 25. Content Network@BrettASnyder Identify content gaps onreferring sites Develop content on yoursite to fill those gaps Promote new contentwithin same contentnetwork!#smxeastImage Source: http://bit.ly/YwImqU 26. Off-Page Optimization@BrettASnyder#smxeast 27. Field of DreamsYou Suck!@BrettASnyder Image Source: http://imdb.to/1ryHAoP (via Universal Studios) #smxeast 28. If you build it,they will come...@BrettASnyder#smxeast 29. If you build it,they will come...@BrettASnyder#smxeast 30. Paid Amplification@BrettASnyder Social: Facebook,Twitter, YouTube Content & DisplayNetworks StumbleUpon PaidDiscovery Reddit Advertising#smxeastImage Source: http://bit.ly/1qKp2Nj 31. Content Marketing & Retargeting Use content marketingto build yourretargeting audience and your retargetingaudience to promoteyour content!@BrettASnyderImage Source: http://bit.ly/1qKpMC5#smxeast 32. @BrettASnyderFinal Thoughts#smxeast 33. Keywords are the means toengage your consumers@BrettASnyder#smxeast 34. Principles of quality andrelevance remain essential@BrettASnyder#smxeast 35. Field of Dreams lied to you!@BrettASnyder#smxeast 36. SEO & PPC are not@BrettASnydercompetitors#smxeast 37. Embrace collaboration!@BrettASnyder 38. Thank You!TO LEARN MORE OR FOR ANY QUESTIONS:Brett SnyderOwner, Brett Snyder Consultingbrett.a.snyder@gmail.com@BrettASnyder