KFC Crunch Burger

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  • How does it work?Simply sign-up on the responsive microsite.1

  • How does it work?Select the adventure you want to discover2

  • How does it work?Choose your own path through the adventure3

  • Players need to tap / click through a scenario in the adventure

  • At the end of each scenario the player receives an sms from their younger you prompting them to make a choice on where to go next.

  • When the player reaches the end of the adventure

  • they receive a token which counts as an entry into a weekly draw.

  • Microsite video journey

  • Along the journey players also stand chances of winning random prizes in the form of voucher codes they can redeem instantly at either iTunes or takealot.com.

    Surprise and delight


  • How did we activate?YouTube pre-rolls1

  • How did we activate?Standard banners2

  • How did we activate?Rich Media Banners3

  • Initial Expanded

  • Total registrations: 5995 Total tokens won: 10608 Airtime Winners: 245 (R10 vouchers) iTune Vouchers: 81 (R100 i-tune vouchers) Takalot Vouchers: 106 (R100 take-alot vouchers)

    Results to date (14 Oct to 30 Oct 2014)