Hello, I’m Kelly Long creative marketer with a can do attitude and Wizard of Oz lover.

Kelly Long | Marketing Consultancy

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Page 1: Kelly Long | Marketing Consultancy

Hello, I’m Kelly Long

creative marketer

with a can do attitude

and Wizard of Oz lover.

Page 2: Kelly Long | Marketing Consultancy

As an enthusiastic freelance marketing consultant, I love to offer ‘no-nonsense’ marketing consultancy, aiming to help my clients

implement effective marketing campaigns that work.

Page 3: Kelly Long | Marketing Consultancy

I have gained over ten years’ practical marketing experience and the proud owner of an IDM Diploma in Direct and Digital Marketing. With my considerable practical experience across

a wide variety of industries, including dentistry, luminaries, pet products and the beauty industry I have developed a

number of skills, in areas such as: event management, branding, on and offline marketing, and business-to-business


Page 5: Kelly Long | Marketing Consultancy

How I loveto help…

Page 6: Kelly Long | Marketing Consultancy

Freelance marketing…Know what you need to do but can’t find the time to do it?

Leave it to me! I can manage these projects for you, within your budget and timescale.

Hiring a part-time freelance Marketing Manager gives you more flexibility than hiring a full-time member of staff.

Strategic planning…Know where you’d like your business to be, but don’t know how to get there?

I can help you define a plan of action designed to achieve your short term goals and long term vision.

Page 7: Kelly Long | Marketing Consultancy

Social Media…Want to engage with your consumers and encourage great feedback? • Social Media allows you to directly

interact with your customers and future customers

• It adds a personal touch and allows you to showcase your brand’s voice and personality

• Gives you a wider audience. Not just your fans, but your fans friends and your fans friends friends!

• Gain valuable insights. Understand what your customers like and what they don’t like. Not just about your product or brand but maybe they like a product or brand that would complement your brand. Maybe you could collaborate with this said brand?

Direct Marketing…Want to contact specific customers or consumers directly?

Direct Marketing can help you to gain new business, communicate to your loyal customers or increase the awareness of your business, product or service. Whether it’s a re-activation campaign or to win new business I have plenty of creative ideas.

Page 8: Kelly Long | Marketing Consultancy

Content Marketing…Content marketing is how businesses and brands engage with their customers. Simply, content marketing means creating and sharing valuable content, whether that’s in a blog, newsletter, video or tweet with your audience.

It is not a direct selling tool but a way to build and engage your audience. By sharing valuable information and engaging with your audience on topics that meet their interests you increase your audience reach. The beauty of content marketing is that it’s share-able, and share-able content can be shared over and over again, commented on multiple times. The customer is in charge of how far you increase your reach, the customer is who helps spread your message to a wider audience.

Keep it relevant, interesting and targeted!

I can also…• Create brand guidelines• Create, write and send your

email campaigns• Manage the content within your

website• Improve your marketing

material• Conduct market research• Event management• Copywriting

Page 9: Kelly Long | Marketing Consultancy

Additional Services…Working with professional

designers & photographers so

that your business looks


Page 10: Kelly Long | Marketing Consultancy

Logo design & corporate Image…

Your logo makes you recognisable and distinguishable from others. Having a consistent look across all marketing literature and consumer communication is vital to building a consistent corporate image. I work with professional designers who can help make this happen.

Page 11: Kelly Long | Marketing Consultancy

Web Design…Your website is your shop or shop window. It is where you can sell directly to your consumer or persuade them to contact you, trial your service or product or visit you. Your website needs to portray the correct brand image, communicate. the right motivating messages and function without fault! I have experts who can design and build your website and make it SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly.

Page 12: Kelly Long | Marketing Consultancy

Photography…A picture is worth a thousand words. Stunning photography is vital to grab attention and build your brand image. Great quality photography that captures the essence of your brand or business can be used: on your website, for print advertising, PR purposes, social media channels, marketing material, exhibitions and online.

With the rise in visual social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, it really is worth investing in good photography.

Page 13: Kelly Long | Marketing Consultancy

Print…The way marketing material looks plays a vital part in how a brand is perceived. A unique and dramatic looking invitation will get the attention of those who receive them. This is especially important if it is an invitation for a charity fundraiser.

Attractive printing products always grab attention,and this is particularly the case with flyers/leafletsand business cards. Cards printed on quality paper make a good first impression on those who receive them. A quality printed flyer will help attract customers, andalong with my printing partner we

can advise on all aspects of printing to get the best possiblefinish at the best

possible price.

Page 14: Kelly Long | Marketing Consultancy

Public Relations…Want high numbers of people to know aboutyour product or service?

Work with the media so they shout on your behalf! Building relationships with media owners requires time and persistence. The right story told at the right time in the right way can bring powerful and valuable attention to your business. I can help you find the right PR experts who can ensure your product or service is being seen and help guide you in writing that all important first press release.

Page 15: Kelly Long | Marketing Consultancy

Get in touch if you need…

• Ongoing marketing support• Direction and fresh ideas to

generate new business• Expert advice and execution

for a particular project • Additional marketing resource

during a busy period• To free up management time• An extra pair of hands

Page 16: Kelly Long | Marketing Consultancy

[email protected]