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Initial Idea 1 Summary

Initial Ideas & SWOTS

The 1st idea is about Black youths: Life After Crime and it focuses on just that. Its how did they change their life for the better, from committing crime to being a reformed businessman and mentoring the young boys of today.It was important to show a positive side of black people who decide to commit these illegal activities. Its to show a balanced documentary on the black community.

Strengths For Idea 1Good IdeaRelatable Relevant due to recent events happeningFocusing on positivity and negativityInterestingGood PurposeAppeals to audience

WeaknessesMay be too longMay not gauge interest

Opportunities For Idea 1Could interview ex gang members.You should get in contact with a police officerGet in contact with campaigns about this issue.

Threats For Idea 1The person to interview might be hard to film as theyre not guaranteed.Due to there not being an incentive for filming this documentary, the participant may opt out.They participant may opt out at the last minute.

Initial Idea 2 SummaryMy 2nd Initial Idea will be based on Media portrayal of Muslims. I thought this would be a good idea as this should be addressed and give insight to the people that arent faced with such discrimination. This is to help educate the viewers on how the media can blur the lines when it comes to acts of terrorism and whos mainly blamed for it.

Strengths for Idea 2Personal connection to the topic, shows passion for pursuing this idea.Relevant idea to address with whats going on now as there has been an increase in hate crimes against Muslims.Good length to cover everything that can address everything that needs to be addressed.Good conventions to be used as this can help engage the audience.

WeaknessesMay be too broad to appeal everyone.May be short to properly delve into the subject at hand.

Opportunities for Idea 2Interview people who have been attacked for being Muslim.POV shots may let the audience see it from their perspective.Could interview people inside a Mosque.Could get people to speak on the topic at hand and find others that challenge their views.

Threats for Idea 2Similar to another persons idea so this could cause a conflict of interest.May raise controversy.There are many other documentaries that are similar to this idea.

Idea 3 SummaryIdea 3 is about the relationship between the police and the black community. It would be focused on how black communities cant really trust the police due to stereotypes and being racially profiled and treated badly.I would interview members of the black community and the school police officer about how to strengthen the relationship so the black community can essentially trust the police.

Strengths For Idea 3Youre within the community and show passion for this ideaRelevant to wide audience to show how there is tension between police and black people. Also how theyre treated compared to other members of communities.Relatable right now as there are many things going on in the US and in the UK. Many black people are being killed by police for no reason at all.

Weaknesses For Idea 3Very controversial some people may have different viewsMay be seen as misleading

Opportunities for Idea 3Gaining secondary archive footage of police brutalityAdd in previous reports and headlines on conflicts between police and black communities.Interviews with black policeman to see their perspective on this issue.

Threats for Idea 3Slightly similar to your Life After Crime idea.This has been touched on before.

Initial Idea 4 SummaryThe 4th idea is about misogyny in the music industry and how female artists have to work harder to get recognition. There are also double standards as women re expected not rap about men, sex etc.

Strengths for Idea 4Good topic to explore.This idea is something that people dont normally address.Already communicated with the desired protagonists

Weaknesses for Idea 4 The artist desired may have an impromptu schedule during the time of recording.The artist doesnt have an incentive so they may reject the documentary proposal.May be too long.

Opportunities for Idea 4Could interview the rapper in the studioShow cutaway footage of the studio, the artist recording in the booth etc.Ask the music engineer if they are in the studio at the time what they think of the topic.

Threats for Idea 4This idea has kind of been touched on in the pastThis idea may be controversial as many might not believe that its happening.