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Would you post a bunch of grey, blurry images on your travel website? Of course not. You know that beautiful photos of sky-piercing mountains, silky-soft beaches and other stunning locales help people imagine themselves on vacation. Your written website content is no different. Much like enticing photos, vivid copywriting gets your prospects daydreaming about the experience your business provides. Travel is a multi-sensory experience, filled with rich sounds, smells and flavors. This deck offers 5 tips to help travel marketers sell by painting 'word pictures' in the minds of their prospects.

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2. Written byDustin WalkerCopywriter & Marketerwho specializes in the travel industry@dustinjaywalkerPresentation designed by Anchalee J. 3. You probably already know thatBeautiful Images areKey To Selling Travel Online. 4. Amazing Photos of sky-piercing mountains, velvety- soft beaches and other stunning locales help people imagine themselves on vacation. 5. Andthe more travelers think about that trip or hotel room,the more theyll want it. 6. Your writtenWebsiteCONTENTworks the same way.Much like enticing photos,Vivid Copywriting Gets Your Prospects Daydreamingabout the experience your business provides. 7. PEOPLETEND TOTHINK INPICTURES,rather than in words or numbers. So the more detailed and vivid your written descriptions of hotel rooms or tours are, the easier it is for travelers to imagine themselves experiencing what your travel business has to offer. 8. And its not just about what your audience can see Descriptive Writing Evokes All The Senses.It helps travelers imagine the feeling of warm, silken sand against their skin or the scent of pine-spiced mountain air. 9. Veteran adman Drew Eric Whitman says persuasive copywritingDirects A Mental Movie.When someone reads vivid text that engages the senses, it activates more brain cells by causing them to think more deeply about what theyre reading. 10. And if your written and visual content work together to Create Tantalizing Mental Imagery,well, thats when your website willReally Start Converting. 11. Follow thesefor crafting Descriptive Content thatll get Travelers Daydreaming about what youve got in store for them.TIPS 12. Whether youre penning a tour itinerary or a room description, every word you write should resonate with the travelers most likely to convert.KNOW WHATAPPEALSTO YOURCUSTOMERS1. 13. and the trekking tour you offer just so happens to meander through a field of lavender. You might be tempted to go into detail about the sweet scent of these plants, since thats what really stands out for you on the trip.Lets SayYoureA FANofWILDFLOWERSKNOW WHAT APPEALS TO YOUR CUSTOMERS1. 14. BUT ARE YOU SUREyour customers feel the same way?Is the field of lavender actually a significant selling feature of the tour or does it simply appeal to your own preferences?KNOW WHAT APPEALS TO YOUR CUSTOMERS1. 15. THINK LIKE ASALES-FOCUSEDCOPYWRITERrather than a travel writer. You can write dazzling descriptive content worthy of a glossy magazine, but it wont help your bottom line if your core customer base isnt interested.KNOW WHAT APPEALS TO YOUR CUSTOMERS1. 16. Small details can add a deeper level of description and authenticity to your content.USESMALL DETAILSTO REVEAL THEBIG PICTURE2. 17. This might includethe syrupy scent of FLOWERS,the haunting chorus of CICADA orthe ornate, HAND-MADE CLOCKS in every room of your hotel.USE SMALL DETAILS TO REVEAL THE BIG PICTURE2. 18. Dont spend too much time detailing that famous sky- scraping mountain youve got on every other page of your websiteUSE SMALL DETAILS TO REVEAL THE BIG PICTURE2.Rather, think about what your imagesDONT COMMUNICATE. the photos alreadytell that story. 19. The website OneFineStay is great at teasing out the compelling details of a property to paint a striking picture.USE SMALL DETAILS TO REVEAL THE BIG PICTURE2.The look is high-end luxe, the materials blissfully sensuous. You cannot help but trail your fingers across the open plan sitting rooms exposed brickwork, the printed silk wallpaper and the kitchens worktop of cool marble. 20. Verbs are the powerhouses of any sentence. They drive the action and ramp up the intensity of what youre communicating.POWER UPYOURWEBSITE COPYWITHVERBS3. 21. The key to really making verbs work isSELECTINGFRESH WORDS thatCREATE IMAGERYin your readers mind.POWER UP YOUR WEBSITE COPY WITH VERBS3. 22. Take a look at this paragraph about theVietnamese city of Hanoi:The streets of Hanoi vibrate with a chaotic energy thats both exciting and intriguing. Mopeds jostle along winding boulevards, sidewalk cafes overflow with patrons and vendors balance shoulder poles carrying fruit, fish and fiery-red textiles.Verbs bring this description to life. The words vibrate, jostle and balance createPOWER UP YOUR WEBSITE COPY WITH VERBS3.SPECIFIC VISUAL IMAGERY. 23. It would have been easier to simply say that mopeds drive or cruise (rather than jostle) along the streets or that vendors carry (rather than balance) shoulder poles,POWER UP YOUR WEBSITE COPY WITH VERBS3.but then the paragraphWOULDNTbe as MEMORABLE. 24. Nothing kills compelling content faster than generic adjectives like premier or world-class. People have seen these clichd words so many times they now have zero impact. Plus, theyre kinda cheesy.DAZZLEREADERS WITHSENSORY-RICHADJECTIVES4. 25. But vivid and specific adjectives have been found to ENGAGE readers and BOOST SALES.DAZZLE READERS WITH SENSORY-RICH ADJECTIVES4.This is because these words TRIGGERtheSENSORY PART of Our Brains. 26. Our down featherbeds are piled with crisp Egyptian cotton sheets, plush pillows and velvety cashmere duvets.So forget lines likeOur beds are exceptionally comfortable.Instead, construct a sentence thatll stick in their heads:The words crisp, plush and velvety engage the readers senses and help them imagine sinking into these oh-so-comfy beds.DAZZLE READERS WITH SENSORY-RICH ADJECTIVES4. 27. Just be sure not to overdo it. Piling on too many adjectives can drag down the pace of your text and make it cumbersome to read. So use them sparingly.< = >Less is MoreDAZZLE READERS WITH SENSORY-RICH ADJECTIVES4. 28. OK, this stuff is a bit more advanced. Similes and metaphors compare two or more seemingly unrelated things to create an image in the readers mind. They make your content memorable by engaging the emotion-driven right brain, much like stories do.STRENGTHENYOUR IMAGERYWITH SIMILES&METAPHORS5. 29. SIMILES make comparisons usingLIKE or AS.Heres one in action:The Whitesands Beach stretches along the shore like a ribbon of fresh powder.Comparing the beach to a ribbon of fresh powder instantly creates a picture in the readers mind.Would describing Whitesands as a long, sandy beach be as impactful?STRENGTHEN YOUR IMAGERY WITH SIMILES & METAPHORS5. 30. METAPHORS are a little different they state that something is like something else. For example, many travel brands have played with the common LIFE IS A JOURNEY metaphor.Life is a journey, travel it well.(United Airlines)STRENGTHEN YOUR IMAGERY WITH SIMILES & METAPHORS5.When crafting your own metaphors and similes, avoid clichs that people have heard over and over unless you can put a fresh twist on them. 31. Persuade By Putting It All TogetherWriting Dazzling Descriptive Content will make it easier for your brand to stand out in a cluttered online market. Most travel websites out there are packed with empty adjectives, clichs and marketing drivel.Know What Appeals To Your Customers1.Use Small Details To Reveal The Big PicturePower Up Your Website Copy With VerbsDazzle Readers With Sensory- rich AdjectivesStrengthen Your Imagery With Similes & Metaphors2.3.5.4. 32. And when you combine vivid descriptive copywriting with A Strong Brand Voice, Engaging Headlines and (of course) Mesmerizing Images, your website will be aMore Powerful Marketing Machine. 33. Did You Find This Deck Useful?Get Free Content Tips(Youll also get a free 9-page PDF report How To Write Enticing Travel Content)Join my private e-mail list to get tips for creating blog content, landing pages and high-converting e-mails all made exclusively for the travel industry.