How to Effectively Use Visual Storytelling for Your Brand in 2015

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1. HOW TO EFFECTIVELY USE VISUAL STORYTELLINGFOR YOUR BRAND IN 2015 . Its how long you have to capture your prospects attention before something else catches their eye and steals their click away from the content you spent so much time crafting and refining.Al/ EIZAEKE HMMAN ATt5NT0ll SPAN2015 8 seconds 1Goldfish l 9 seconds , 2012 12 seconds. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR MARKETERS? How do you compete with the deluge of information fighting for your audiences attention? sine; More love,more fans and more conversations without overloading your staff and resources? AETORWELLING. THATS HOW. Science tells us our noggins are wired to l,0}Epictures.Almost half ofour brain is involved in visual processing,interpreting visuals in less than 1/10th of a second. biou mow w+iAr cuss 0utLBtZA-INS Lave?STORIES.We cant help it.Were compelled to organize information into a narrative.COMBINE THE TWO VISMAL -l- $T'017'{ TO MULTIPLY YOUR CONTENTS REACH AND CONVERSION. Social media posts with visualsArticles that contain images getdelivergreater engagement.Max,more views than articles without. more retweets.people areas likely to convert to a sale.Viewers aremore likely to purchase a product after watching a product video. Images make up (% of the most Video istimes more likely toTweets with images receive I Eoz, Users clicking on photos of realBlogs that integrate video attract more inbound links.engaging posts on Facebook generate a firstpage Google ranking.(up from 83% in 2012). (Q Not only do visual elements trigger greater engagement,but they also I Q* help your audience remember your content longer. ")7lcru12 MP6'TZ10TZ1Tt EFFECT" on Content Recall Words Only 1&0],recall Words + Visual 66% recall : "r"'-. q-.I' Search engines now rank content based on socialengagement,not just websites alone.And visuals are a great way to increase your contents engagement fast,and with relative ease.[if r2aA