How to do Content Marketing Use Content Marketing Strategy

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Slide 1How to doMARKETING.USEcontentSTRATEGY.CONTENTmarketingContentMARKETINGInfographicesPresentationsPDFWhitepapersPress ReleaseBloggingRankingsKeywordsGuestPostingSEOSTRATEGYContent Marketing is the new SEOcontentRankingscontentmarketingcontentkeywordskeywordskeywordsPostingSEOSEOmarketingPostingGuestPostingPresentationsPresentationsGuestRankingsSEOPDFPDFSTRATEGYWhat is Content MarketingContent Marketing is a way of marketing your products or services to your target audience by creating relevant and valuable content that attract and engage them and possibly encourages profitable customer action.?Benefits of content marketingBetter RankingHelps improve ranking for your websiteBetter Keyword TargetingGet more visitors to your site from a variety of topicsMore Content, More TrafficIncrease your range of targeted keywords4 Pillar of Content MarketingBloggingDo have a blog for your website:Do write quality content for your blogDo maintain a schedule for your blogDo target keywords in your blogDo encourage social sharing on your blogPress ReleaseDo always have something "new" to say in your releaseDo take time to create a catchy headlineDo write a press release with no mistakes or errorsDo use the correct format for a professional press releaseDo cite sources of any stats or survey informationInfographicsDo keep your infographics visually appealingDo insert numbers, stats, pie charts, bar graphsDo promote your infographic on social media outletsDo try to tell a story with your infographicDo make your infographics embeddableGuest PostingDo follow the submission guidelines of the guest posting siteDo include only relevant links in the articlesDo write a nice author bio for the guest postDo check the reputation of the site before you guest post on it.Do respond to the comments users make on your guest postsEmail : admin@mensagam.comPhone :+91-(044)42811104Mobile :+91-(0)