How to create a compelling content marketing strategy

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How to Create a CompellingContent Marketing StrategyPrepared by Kevin HuangSept 18, 20156 Cs + 6 Steps + 6 Ways + 5 Great Examples*Page *Page *By coming up with a great content strategy, you will know exactly what, why, and how your business is planning on using content to better accomplish your goals.Content marketing pieces are often found in the form of blog posts, white papers, case studies, PR, social media marketing, inbound marketing, PPC, SEO, and more.Content Strategy vs Content MarketingPage *What Can a Compelling Content Marketing StrategyDo for Your Organization? Grow brand awareness. Build trust by providing relevant information that helps prospects and customers make a decision. Influence product preference and increase sales. Generate more quality leads by driving traffic to your website. Educate prospects and customers, providing the foundation for a healthy lead-nurturing program.Page *A content marketing strategy doesnt create itself. Its the result of clear intention, careful planning, and focused execution.Page *Great content takes a lot of time and careful thinking.Page *Start From Knowing Your Target ConsumersPain PointsPassion PointsTouch PointsPage *Know Their Zero Moment of TruthPage *AwarenessPurchaseEmotionalRationalEntertainEducateInspireConvinceViralsQuizzesCompetitionsBrand Videos GamesWidgetsCelebrityEndorsementsCommunityForumsProductReviewsArticlesEnewsEventsConsumerRatingsInfographicsGuidesTrendReportsPressReleasesDemoVideosWhitePapersInteractiveDemosWebinarsCheckListProductFeaturesCaseStudiesData Sheet& Price GuideCatalogsDevelop A Content Marketing Strategy to SupportHowTosFAQsComparisonTablesCampaignSitePage *From Touch Points to Trust PointsContent marketingis the core component ofinbound marketing.Page *The 6 Cs of Effective Content Marketing1. CALBRATE3. CREATE4. CURATE5. CIRCULATE6. CONVERT2. CLEARPage *1. CalibrateBefore you start putting content out into the world, youve got tothink hard about the objectives you hope to accomplish. In other words, youve got to calibrate and have your KPIs ready when you get started so that your strategy is always dictating your content rather than the other way around. And when it comes to the content thats being dictated, remember that youre not just calibrating what you write but also the tone in which its written.Page *2. ClearWhen writing or speaking to your audience, be clear about your goal or message. What is your purpose in communicating with them? If you're not sure, then they won't be sure either.To be clear, try to minimize the number of ideas in each sentence. Make sure that it's easy for your reader to understand your meaning. People shouldn't have to "read between the lines" and make assumptions on their own to understand what you're trying to say.Page *3. CreateContent is everywhere from social media, to games, videos, books, white papers, and on and on. You dont need a two-year plan or an extensive video team to make a short documentary. When youre getting started, what you need is tobe nimble, to first see what your audience finds engaging, and then to keep going and going.Your role is to be a part of a conversation, and, as long as youre an interesting conversationalist, your audience will enjoy your presence wherever things go.Page *4. CurateCurating is a big part of most content campaigns, and often what you share from other sources is as important as the content you create yourself. Dont assume you can just grab and share the first interesting link you see.Finding and organizing good content is a skill.Often the most powerful forms of content are the ones that highjack the news, that is, to take the news thats already out there and show how its relevant to your product and story. So, think about how you can make yourself a part of the conversation.Page *5. CirculateYouve got tomake sure that the right people are seeing your content, and that means that youll have to think hard about which distribution channels make the most sense.Is your audience on Pinterest? Instagram? Do your fans watch videos? Read articles?Until you have a clear understanding of how your audience consumes content, it will be hard to get circulation right. But wherever your audience is consuming content, youll want tomake it as easy as possible for them to shareit.Page *6. ConvertDont forget why youre creating all this content in the first place:to push prospects through the sales funnel.If youre mapping your content out carefully, each stage of the funnel will have a different set of KPIs. But content marketing, alas, shares the same pain as display. Its often hard to measure its impact because click-throughs dont tell the full story. Therefore, its important to look at your audiences actions across all channels and dontunderestimate the power of anecdotes from clients and prospects.You can now use these 6 Cs to your advantage!Page *Creating Compelling Content Marketing in 6 StepsHow do you go from so-so content to compelling content? Try these six steps to make real connections with your prospects and customers :1. Know Your Personas2. Connect Via Their Problem3. Tell A StoryTestimonials are gold for marketers. If you can create product evangelists, they will share the good news of the pain that your product or service resolved on all their networks.Todays savvy consumer doesnt care if youve got the prettiest logo, website or brochure. They want to know if you can resolve their problem, fix their pain or provide what they need.4. Visuals RockGreat visuals can include photos, infographics, charts, graphs, drawings, calls to action (with text and graphics).*Page *6. Set Goals - And Blow Through Them!Creating Compelling Content Marketing in 6 Steps5. Make It EmotionalMaking an emotional connection with your audience can be the difference between building a loyal following and a customer that buys once and never returns.(continued)Page *Make Content Marketing Memorable and Shareable1. Share photos and videos2. Showcase your customers3. Enable social sharing on all of your content4. Post to5. Optimize your content for mobile6. Give them a reason to engage6 Ways:Page *Provide a WOW!EXPERIENCEEmail marketingRatingsSocial Word of MouthComments & SharesPoll/SurveyEnticeTo stay in touchSharingInformationEventDiscussionPromosEngagePeopleEngagement drivesSOCIAL VISIBILITYNew ProspectsContinuous Life Cycle of Customer EngagementPage *Customer Engagement KPIsPage *Best Content Marketing ExamplesI found some great examples - each of them represents one of the five content-style categories to showcase the trends shaping today's best content marketing. How-To Content Shareable Visuals Clever Curation and Crowd-Sourcing Behind-the-Scenes Brilliance A+ Brand-BuildingPage *Best Content Marketing Examples - #1 How-To ContentAnthropologie's DIY drink recipesAnthropologie frequently features DIY cocktail recipes on their blog, like this one for acoconut cooler. The drink recipes work for two main reasons: they're seasonal and timely (for example, summer refreshers or winter warmers) and they feature unique ingredients and flavors, mimicking the original style of Anthropologie's fashions. Like many examples of the best content marketing, these posts aren't an obvious play for sales; Anthropologie doesn't sell homemade bitters or simple syrup. Instead, the posts position Anthropologie as a trendy, knowledgeable friend who knows a thing or two about drinksas well as clothes.Page *Best Content Marketing Examples - #2 Shareable VisualsBeats by Dre Can't Be Beat on InstagramBeats by Dre shows that their innovation isn't limited to headphones. TheirInstagramuses great visuals to build the brand and give fans a behind-the-scenes view of the company. Their content strategy includes short videos, commentary on current events (like the World Cup), and plenty of celebrity photos, which definitely don't hurt.Page *Best Content Marketing Examples - #3 Clever Crowd-Sourcing and CurationIntel Has Content Marketing IQA classic example of great B2B content marketing, Intel runs a blog calledIQthat's "apeek at the outer edge of design, technology, social and big data." The blog is largely based on content curated by employees. IQ's editor in chief,Bryan Rhoads, says: "We developed an algorithm to curate social content in a way that leverages our employees. We want to publish what theyre sharing and whats grabbing their attention. Its a combination of a social algorithm, plus an employee filter that crowdsources what they are saying and sharing, and uses that as a discovery tool."Page *Best Content Marketing Examples - #4 Behind-the-Scenes BrillianceThe White House Offers Humor, InsightsThisphoto galleryfrom the White House gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what the President and First Lady have been up to in 2014. With more than 150 photos, it's a fun glimpse into a side of the First Couple that you won't see in any press conference.Page *Best Content Marketing Examples - #5 A+ Brand-BuildingWhole Foods Tells the Whole StoryNatural grocery store giant Whole Foods has an incredible brand, and their blog is no exception. When you walk into a Whole Foods, you know what to expect: organization, a focus on eco-friendliness, extremely helpful employees, and above all, healthy food. Their Whole Story blog takes the brick and mortar experience digital with clean design and helpful articles. Instead of going for the hard sell, their content is useful and relatable. Check out this post abouthow tosavemoney on weekly grocery trips.Page *It is important to remember that content marketing is not about the ranking of the publication in which you post, but rather the audience that reads that publication. Its more valuable to have less views but by the proper targeted audience.**