How to build your brand through great customer experience

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1 Jan 2012How to build your brand through great customer experience

2012 GlobusMedia LtdHello and welcome2

Abigayle NormanContent Marketing ManagerHousekeeping3

You are all mute.Feel free to ask any questions here.Social media4

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Align Internal Teams Behind your Brand Positioning.

Promote and EducateHow to get all your third parties to communicate your brand consistently.Share and DistributeGovern and AutomateBuilding a strong brand

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Crowded market place

Product categories are crowdedProduct quality and innovation isnt enoughConsumers want to connect emotionally

Multiple channels and touch pointsMarketing in the digital era means consumers have access to our brands in multiple channels and touch points.

Brand AccessInconsistency leads to brand chaos and confused customers10

Customer Experience11

Brand and company valueBrand is a key intangible business asset.It is the key driver of competitive advantage and sales.Defines who you are, how you operate and how you differentiate.In the 1980s tangible assets made up 75% of company value.Today intangible assets make up 80% of company value.12

Brand and company valueCoca-Colas brand is worth 50% of the company value or $73 billion.Coke is able to charge a 112% premium for their brand because of their clear and consistent branding.13

The importance of branding



Core elements

More than a logoWhile delivering a consistent brand

Build their customer experience through

One Seattle store

Howard (CEO)

ResponsibilityQualityGathering/Work placeNot (just) coffee

Customer centric thinking17

5 core characteristics of CX18Quality products and servicesSupport before, during and after purchaseConvenient interactionsAesthetically pleasing and relevant brandCommunity around the brandBrand and CX19

1. Clearly articulate brand vision and values20Clearly articulate the brand to 40,000 staff membersNeeded to educate staff Couldnt train everyone face-to-faceOnline central tool for this

A fresh new brand identity promoting healthy lifestyle21

Outcomes2220,000 unique usersInforming all new employees about mission, vision, values and behaviour.Creating differentiation in the market place

2. Engaged and satisfied workforce23Open lines of communicationEngage in two way conversationsCentral location for communication to take place

3. Deep understanding of your customers24Segment and create personasDocument and keep this information in a central location giving employees easy access

4. Great customer service25Selling globally in 44 countries2,000 retail outletsNeeded to communicate brand stories and train resellers in a cost effective mannerNeeded to deliver consistent customer service

Central platform to educate resellers26

With downloadable marketing & POS materialsFramework for CX27

Key TakeawaysA brand is only as strong as customers actual experience with it at every touch point.You must really understand your customer and their needs.Make sure you have really communicated your companys ethos and brand.Implement technology to help you better manage your brand and marketing processes.2829Questions, comments or to book a demo.

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