How to Build Your Audience Online

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In this presentation, Jonnie Jensen, Social Strategist at Live and Social, walks you through the steps needed to build your social media following online using a 'Follower Strategy'. Step 1- Define Your Target Audience Step 2- Create Buyer Personas Step 3- Use the Right Tools Step 4- Use Templated Greetings and Invites Step 5- Find Influencers and Group them Into Lists


<ul><li> 1. HOW TO BUILD YOUR AUDIENCE ONLINEFOLLOWER STRATEGY </li></ul> <p> 2. Jonnie Jensen, Social Strategist "The importance of connecting with the right people cannot be underestimated. When companies put time and investment into developing and effective social media strategy and it is not working, the problem can be as simple as they are following the wrong people. Knowing how to effectively build your social media audience by having a Follower Strategy is vital." 3. Define your target audience 4. Existing Customers Target Customers Industry Associates and Influencers Community Associates and Influencers 5. Define Buyer Personas 6. Find your buyers online using keywords from... Job Title Location Company Name Qualifications and Associations Role and Industry Keywords Personal Interest Keywords 7. Use the right tools 8. Use Templated Invitations and Greetings 9. Find Influencers on Twitter and Group Them into Lists 10. Watch Your Followers Grow 11. Telephone: 0845 287 1181 E-mail: Skype: jonniejensen Click Here For The Full Blog Post </p>