Hotmob Newsletter - Jan 2015 - Advertise on LeTV!

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<ol><li> 1. E-Newsletter Jan2015 </li><li> 2. 6,000,000! viewership / month 640,000! mobile phone users 210,000! tablet users Advertise on LeTV now! </li><li> 3. UNIQUE Ad Formats on LeTV 1. Popup A popup image appears when the app is launched, and closes automatically after 3-5 seconds. </li><li> 4. UNIQUE Ad Formats on LeTV 2. Runway banner A banner appears in the list of featured content. </li><li> 5. UNIQUE Ad Formats on LeTV 3. Pause Ad Ad appears when the video content is paused. Users have to closee the ad to go back to the video. </li><li> 6. UNIQUE Ad Formats on LeTV 4. 15s / 30s Pre-roll Ad 15s / 30s video ad appears before selected content is played. </li><li> 7. Hong Kong Movie launches web version </li><li> 8. Maxims CNY Campaign Background! ! For Maxims annual CNY campaign this year, Maxims will be promoting 2 of its festive delights, the Radish Cake and Palmier, through mobile marketing and interaction, to attract the younger segment of consumers. Execution! ! In keeping with traditional associations of Luck during CNY, the interactive campaign creatively uses the HTML5 slot machine to roll out auspicious greetings, featuring the 2 promotional products randomly. ! Campaign Highlights </li><li> 9. Maxims CNY Campaign Portals Buy out to Apple Daily Campaign Period Jan 20, 2015! Ad Format HTML5 Pop Up! </li><li> 10. Background! ! To promote the rstever Nike Womens 10K and NTC Tour - this campaign looks to build awareness amongst young women to join the race. Execution! ! Unique, eye-catching Event of the Day feature for users convenient search on information and event details. Supplemented by newsfeed on Timables Facebook Page. ! Timable Facebook Page Newsfeed Campaign Highlights Nike Women Race Campaign </li><li> 11. Nike Women Race Campaign Portals Timable iPhone, Android and website; Timable Facebook Page Campaign Period Jan 20, 2015! Ad Format Event of the Day Facebook newsfeed! Event of the Day on Timable iPhone &amp; Android Apps </li><li> 12. We see a year-on-year increment in average CTR. Through our review of campaigns in 2014 and user behavior analysis, we conclude this may be due to: 1. Users getting used to receiving information via mobile; 2. Our growing network size as we capture more unique users than previous year; 3. The quality of campaign in terms of improved creativity and interaction. </li><li> 13. HotmobMobile852 3526 </li></ol>