Home healthcare market global industry size, market share, trends, analysis and forecast 2012 - 2018

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A research report based on the global home healthcare market has been recently added to the comprehensive market-research database of Transparency Market Research. The report, titled “Home Healthcare Market - Global Industry Size, Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecast, 2012 – 2018”, states that the global home healthcare market, which stood at US$195.6 billion in 2012, would see a CAGR of 7.7% from 2012 to 2018, and be worth US$305.9 billion by 2018. Browse Home Healthcare Market Research Report at http://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/home-healthcare-market.html

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  • 1. Transparency MarketResearchHome Healthcare Market - Global Industry Size, MarketShare, Trends, Analysis And Forecast 2012 - 2018Published Date 172 Page Report15-Oct-2012Buy Now Request SamplePress ReleaseGlobal Home Healthcare Market to Reach US$305.9 billion by2018: Transparency Market ResearchTransparency Market ResearchState Tower,90, State Street, Suite 700.Albany, NY 12207United Stateswww.transparencymarketresearch.comsales@transparencymarketresearch.com

2. Home Healthcare MarketHome Healthcare Market - Global Industry Size, Market Share, Trends, Analysis And Forecast2012 - 2018A research report based on the global home healthcare market has been recently added to thecomprehensive market-research database of Transparency Market Research. The report, titled HomeHealthcare Market - Global Industry Size, Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecast, 2012 2018, statesthat the global home healthcare market, which stood at US$195.6 billion in 2012, would see a CAGR of7.7% from 2012 to 2018, and be worth US$305.9 billion by 2018.Browse Full Report With TOC :http://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/home-healthcare-market.htmlThe report focuses on three broad sections of the market home healthcare equipment, home healthcareservices, and popular geographic markets. The segment of equipment is further segmented into self-diagnosticand monitoring, therapeutic, nebulizer kits, ventilators and accessories, and mobility assistancedevices. The segment of services is further segmented into rehabilitation, unskilled, respiratory therapy,infusion therapy, telemetry/telehealth, vital sign monitoring, multi-parameter monitoring and centralstation services. Geographically, the market is segmented into Americas (North and South America),Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the rest of the world.According to the report, the major factors contributing to the growth of the global home healthcare marketinclude the significant rise in the global ageing population - set to cross 970 million by 2030, and theincreasing number of people experiencing chronic diseases such as a variety of respiratory diseases,asthma, high blood pressure, and diabetes, thus requiring long-term treatment.The high prevalence and rising incidences of such chronic diseases also requires an increasingly improvedmechanism for close and regular monitoring of patients, for which home healthcare systems prove to beideal. These systems do not only serve the purpose of regular patient monitoring, but are also reliable andcost efficient.According to the report, high level of consumer awareness about the benefits of these products and highadoption rates in North and South America will allow the market to achieve significant market proliferationTransparency Market Research2REPORT DESCRIPTION 3. Home Healthcare Marketin these regions. This will help these regions to collectively contribute the global home healthcare marketrevenues worth US$ 150.8 billion by 2018. The market in Europe is expected to have market value worthUS$ 80.5 billion by the same time.Get Sample Report Copy From here :http://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/sample/sample.php?flag=S&rep_id=300Currently, the global share of the equipments section of this market is less as compared to that of theservices segment. But the report mentions that this segment has the potential of growing at a faster pace,an estimated 9.9% CAGR, during the forecast period owing to the rise in technological innovation,especially in the therapeutic equipment segment.Though the segment of home healthcare services occupies a big market-share of this market, it mayobserve growth at a sluggish pace, an expected CAGR of 7.4% during the forecast period. This is due to thelarge number of regional service providers in the market who are offering services at low prices and aredeterring the entry of organized players in the market. Also, a sizeable chunk, nearly 79.9%, of the globalservices market is acquired by rehabilitation and unskilled care service providers. Owing to these factors,big players of the market have shifted their attention towards the home equipments market segment.Contrast to the services segment that is highly fragmented, and conquered by small and unorganizedbusinesses, the equipments section is dominated by a few major companies such as Johnson and Johnson,GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Braun, Baxter International, Medtronic Inc., Invacare Corporation andOmron Corporation.Browse all Medical Devices Market Research Reports @http://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/medical-devices-market-reports-6.htmlTransparency Market Research3 4. Home Healthcare MarketChapter 1 Introduction1.1 About the Report1.2 Report Scope1.3 Research Methodology and Data CollectionChapter 2 Executive Summary and Market OverviewChapter 3 Home Healthcare Market Analysis3.1 Market Size And ForecastTable 1 Global Home Healthcare Equipment And Services Market, 2012 - 2018 (USD Million)3.2 Introduction To The Industry3.3 Comparative Analysis: Institutional Healthcare Vs Home Healthcare3.4 Global Home Healthcare Market SegmentationFig. 1 Global Home Healthcare Market (2012 And 2018)3.4.1 Home Healthcare Equipmentmarket SegmentsFig. 2 Global Home Healthcare Market, By Products 2012 (%)3.4.2 Home Healthcare Services Market SegmentsFig. 3 Global Home Healthcare Market, By Services 2012 (%)3.4.3 Home Healthcare Market:Geographical SegmentationFig. 4 Global Home Healthcare Market, By Geography 2012 (%)Transparency Market Research4TABLE OF CONTENT 5. Home Healthcare Market3.5 Factors Affecting The Home Healthcare Market3.5.1 Growing Prevalances Of Chronic And Fatal Diseases: Prime Growth DriverFig. 5 Diabetes And Cardiovascular Deaths (Million)3.5.2 Growing Elderly Population: Fueling GrowthFig. 6 Declining Elderly Support Ratio3.5.3 Keeping The Burgeoning Healthcare Expenditure Undercheck Is A ChallengeFig. 7 Healthcare Expenditure Top 5 Countries (2012)3.5.4 Impact AnalysisTable 2 Home Healthcare Services Market Forces3.5.5 Opportunity AnalysisFig. 8 Opportunity Analysis: Home Healthcare Services Market3.6 Developing Nations: Strategies To Tap The Most Lucrative MatketsFig. 9 Strategies To Tap Potential Markets3.6.1 Gearing The Unaware And Unreached Consumer3.6.1.1 Pharmaceutical Value Chain: Path To The Unaware Consumer3.6.1.2 Venturing With Ngos At All Levels3.6.2 Working In Coordination With Regulators: Streamlining The Growth Path3.6.3 Understanding The Price Sensitivity3.6.4 Ventures And Collaborations: Key Growth Factor In The Fragmented Market3.7 Major Factors For Adoption: Developed Vs. DevelopingFig. 10 Buying CriteriaTransparency Market Research5 6. Home Healthcare MarketChapter 4 Market Segmentation I: Home Healthcare Services Market4.1 Preface4.1.1 Classifications4.1.2 Current Status And Future ForecastTable 3 Global Home Healthcare Services Marketby Types 2009-2018 (USD Million)Table 4 Global Home Healthcare Services Marketby Geography 2009-2018 (USD Million)4.2 Rehabilitation Services Market AnalysisTable 5 Global Home Rehabilitation Services Marketby Geography 2009 -2018 (USD Million)Fig. 11 Physical Therapy Forms Largest Rehabilitation Service Market (2012)4.2.1 Rehabilitation Services Market Segment I: Physical Therapy4.2.2 Rehabilitation Services Market Segment II: Occupational Therapy4.2.3 Rehabilitation Services Market Segment Iii: Speech Therapy4.2.4 Reimbursement Scenario And Ways To Manage Roi4.2.5 Identifying Opportunities And Designing Strategies For Gaining Long Term Competitive Advantage4.3 Telemetry/Telehealth Services MarketFig. 12 Telemetry Market Cycle In Developed And Developing Countries4.3.1 Industry Overview And Key ParticipantsFig. 13 Home Telehealth Servicing StructureTable 6 Global Home Telemetry/Telehealthservices Market 2009-2018 (USD Million)Table 7 Global Home Telemetry/Telehealth Services Market By Geography, 2009-2018 (USD Million)4.3.2 Market Forces AnalysisTable 8 Home Telehealth Market ForcesTransparency Market Research6 7. Home Healthcare Market4.3.3 Telemedicine Services Market AnalysisTable 9 Global Home Telemedicine Servicesmarketby Geography, 2009-2018 (USD Million) Telemedicine Services Market ForcesFig. 14 Factors Influencing Home Telemedicine Adoption4.3.4 Home Remote Patient Monitoringservices Market Analysis4.3.4.1 Remote Patient Monitoring Applications4.3.4.2 Market Segments, Size, And ForecastTable 10 Global Home Remote Patient Monitoringservices Market, 2009-2018 (USD Million)Table 11 Global Home Remote Patient Monitoring Services Market, By Geography, 2009-2018 (USD Million) Vital Sign MonitoringFig. 15 Vital Sign Monitoring Equipments Market, 2009 2018 (USD Million) Multi Parameter MonitoringFig. 16 Multi Parameter Monitoring Equipments Market, 2009 2018 (USD Million) Central Station MonitoringFig. 17 Central Station Monitoring Equipments Market, 2009 2018 (USD Million) Remote Patient Monitoring Market Forces4.3.4.4 Key Industry Participants And Their Offerings4.3.4.5 Strategies For Success4.3.5 Other Telemetry/Telehealth Services Market AnalysisTable 12 Global Other Home Telemetry Services Market By Geography 2009-2018 (USD Million)4.4 Respiratory Therapy ServicesTable 13 Global Home Respiratory Therapy Services Market By Geography 2009 -2018 (USD Million)Transparency Market Research7 8. Home Healthcare Market4.4.1 Factors Shaping The Market Growth4.4.1.1 Economical Treatment: Improving The Adoption4.4.1.2 Treatment Substitution: Deflating The Growth Bubble4.5 Infusion Therapy Services Market4.5.1 Pain Management Therapy4.5.2 Enteral Nutrition4.5.3 Total Parenteral Nutrition4.5.4 Intravenous Chemotherapy4.5.5 Intravenous Antibiotic TherapyTable 14 Global Home Infusion Therapy Services Market By Geography 2009-2018 (USD Million)4.5.6 Factors Shaping The Market Growth4.5.6.1 Large Number Of Applications4.5.6.2 Ten Times Cheaper Cost4.6 Amateure/Unskilled Home Healthcare Services Market AnalysisTable 15 Amateur