Growth Hacking Workshop for Hyper Island

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Core concepts in this presentation: + Dispelling the growth myth + The difference between a single hack and a growth machine + Perks of dominating a small market + Perks of tribal segmentation + AARRR a framework for growth + A routine for building a growth machine + Stages of growth

Text of Growth Hacking Workshop for Hyper Island

  • 1. Growth hackingElia Mrling for Hyper Island 23/10

2. the growth hackingdeck 3. #HYPERGROWTH workshopwith hyper island students 4. #HYPERGROWTH workshopwith hyper island students 5. #HYPERGROWTH workshopwith hyper island students 6. 1. why growth 7. build it& they will comesource: 8. HOW COULD THEY BEAT USTO IT IN 6 MONTHS?source: 9. in the absence of big budgets, startupslearned how to hack the system tobuild their companies.MICAH BALDWIN, founder of graphicly and mentor at techstars and 500 startups 10. runwayburnrate 11. validated learningsource: 12. when in doubt, run experiments- in a specific market -to harvest dataerik starckfounder of startup studio , hackernytt, the frank family 13. THE GROWTH MYTH 14. THE TRUTHPress Wearing offof noveltyTroughof sorrowProfitable &!sustainableWiggles of!false hopePromised!landsource: 15. keys to success? 16. profitable !repeatable!scalable!doable 17. almost every failed startup has aproduct. what failed startups donthave are enough customersGabriel WEINBERGjustin mares 18. 2. segmentation 19. Segment or dieMikael UusitaloFounder of centipede solutions 20. TRIBAL SEGMENTATIONData: eCairn 21. TRIBAL PERKSSOCCERTRIBESYMBOLSINFLUENCERS VALUES!STORIESBELIEFSLANGUAGEPLACESEXPERIENCES 22. start small and monopolizePETER THIEL 23. tesla motors 24. volumental 25. 3. A framework forgrowth 26. CUSTOMER JOURNEYHEAR ABOUTSIGN UPCOME BACKSHAREBUY 27. CUSTOMER STATEHEAR ABOUTawareSIGN UPtrustCOME BACKsatisfiedSHAREpassionateBUYconvinced 28. ACQUISITIONACTIVATIONRETENTIONREFERRALREVENUEAARRR 29. ACTIVATIONRETENTIONREFERRALREVENUEACQUISITION XXXTRADITIONAL 30. ACQUISITION# visitorsACTIVATION# signupsRETENTION# returningREFERRAL# referredREVENUE# $$$KPI 31. 4. VIRALLOOP2. MVP3. CONVERSION1. SEGMENT3.FUNNEL3. CHANNELS 32. 4. the growth hackingroutine 33. understand your business model,many streams make a river, andstay in constant betaThomas BjrkProgram Manager, Digital Data Strategist at Hyper Island 34. 1. HOW DID WE PERFORM?ACQUISITION100 visitors (+10)ACTIVATION10 signups (-5)RETENTION200 returning (+20)REFERRAL5 referred (-5)REVENUE$1000 (+100) 35. ACQUISITION100 visitors (+10)ACTIVATION10 signups (-5)RETENTION200 returning (+20)REFERRAL5 referred (-5)REVENUE$1000 (+100)facebook ads 2. WHYprod e-mails 36. 3. EXPERIMENTS TO KEEPACQUISITION100 visitors (+10)ACTIVATION10 signups (-5)RETENTION200 returning (+20)REFERRAL5 referred (-5)REVENUE$1000 (+100) 37. ACQUISITION100 visitors (+10)ACTIVATION10 signups (-5)RETENTION200 returning (+20)REFERRAL5 referred (-5)REVENUE$1000 (+100)4. SELECT FOCUS 38. 4. EXPERIMENTS TO RUNACQUISITION100 visitors (+10)ACTIVATION10 signups (-5)RETENTION200 returning (+20)REFERRAL5 referred (-5)REVENUE$1000 (+100)leaderboard 39. 5. stages of growth 40. You dont need a growth hackerif the product is crap. if its greatusers will want to recommend it.Nicolas FogelholmCo-Founder Tulos Helsinki Oy 41. DISCOVERYDiscovery 42. PRODUCT MARKET FIT 43. TRACTION 44. GROWTH 45. HYPER GROWTH 46. LEARNINGHyperGrowth growthTractionLEARNProductmarket fitLEARNDiscoveryLEARNdoubledownfullthrottle 47. CLARITYCLARITY 48. MINIMUM VIABLE BUSINESSLTV>CPA 49. MOVING THE NEEDLEHyperGrowth growthTractionProductmarket fitDiscovery 50. WHEN TO THROTTLEHyperGrowth growthTractionProductmarket fitDiscoveryX 51. STARTING SMALLHyperGrowth growthTractionProductmarket fitDiscovery 52. GROWTH MACHINEHyperGrowth growthTractionProductmarket fitDiscovery 53. THE SHORT-CUT TRAPHyperGrowth growthTractionProductmarket fitDiscoveryXX 54. forget long term relations,you will mostly experience failures,but its worth itwhen you succeed in the endJESPER strmsuperdrive, For Sure, APPLR, Hyper Island 55. 56. elia