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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Angl Growth Proposal</p> <p>Growth Strategy Framework</p> <p>Our Approach to the Growth Framework an example of how it could lookLanding Pages[Maximise Sign ups]Inbound Marketing[Earned Media]Outbound Marketing[Paid Media]DistributionSEOBLOGSOCIALPREMAILWEBINARFAQsINFOGRAPHICsDistributionSEMDISPLAYEVENTSOCIAL ADSINTERACTIVE VIDEODistribution:EmailDistribution:In-AppGoal:AwarenessTools Google AnalyticsQuantcastCrazy EggOptimizelyGoal :X Amount of new customersTools Google AnalyticsMixPanelCrazy EggOptimizelyGoal :Industry PlauditsTools KissmetricsMixPanelCrazy EggOptimizelyHypothesis-Experiment-Learn-Repeat</p> <p>As you know you are in a very crowded market</p> <p>We believe&amp; an Influencer / Blogger Outreach program should be the foundation of Angl acquisition strategy</p> <p>Deliverables1. Social Media Content / Asset Strategy</p> <p>Deliverables 2. Blogger + Vlogger + Journalist MiningFocus on Segments who could use live broadcast:E.g. Citizen Journalists, Extreme Sports enthusiasts, Podcasters, Vloggers, People who create interesting LIVE content </p> <p>2a. Blogger + Vlogger + Journalist Outreach &amp; Engagement Purchase</p> <p>As you mentioned on call, Pay for content. This slide in relation to paying for content that is ABOUT Angl</p> <p>Sponsored ContentBranded EntertainmentProduct IntegrationsProduct Placement</p> <p>2b. Blogger + Vlogger + Journalist Outreach &amp; Engagement NurtureSeeding &amp; Loan programs e.g. loan of a mobile with Angl installed for people to reviewBloggers &amp; Vloggers have the same issue as everyone else. They need to produce content!If they receive packs that help them produce content, they will happily review your product.Having an engagement process will result in positive response</p> <p>Product Hacking</p> <p>Deliverables 3. MixPanel In-App Analysis &amp; Marketing AutomationUsing MixPanel advanced analytics we will set up Events.</p> <p>Then using segmentation, funnel analysis, cohort analysis &amp; more we will analyse user behaviour to use trigger / event based automated communications to convert more users, retain more users and encourage referral</p> <p>Search</p> <p>Deliverables4. App Store OptimisationiOS App Store</p> <p>Google PlayWindows Mobile</p> <p>Insights &amp; portfolio analysis from Distimo, Flurry, AppAnnie &amp; other Mobile App Analytics</p> <p>Zohe Mustafa (ZM) - Google App Indexing takes advantage of a companys WEB SEO to help them promote their apps. 2 main steps in getting App ready for App Indexing1. Update App to Support Deeplinks2. Update the SiteMapZohe Mustafa (ZM) - Usage frequency as an influence on App store rankings as does number of installs. Gentle push notifications are one way of keeping users engaged and activeZohe Mustafa (ZM) - A/B testing of visual elements of apps, login options, menu placement, layout, messaging/copy can help improve and optimise user experience. Bad user experience can lead to bad reviews and bad reviews affect app store position and rankingZohe Mustafa (ZM) - 4 types of video are known to do well depending on type of app : Demo video, Real Life application, Guide and Story. Ideally want to test all 4 typesZohe Mustafa (ZM) - One of the biggest differences between Google Play and iTunes is that Google Play allows you to directly respond to reviews and connect with users. Retro-active PR/customer satisfaction and review response, shows the reviewer, but everyone else reading the reviews that app (and customer service) is amazing, and getting better. Can stave off a negative review for example by sharing feature updates or declaring you acknowledge issueDeliverables5. Bought &amp; Search Media Content / Asset Strategy</p> <p>Deliverables 6. Search Engine Optimization StrategyChart on the right reflects todays Search behaviours. Its not just Google &amp; Bing that people find content by or do research;The relationship between Content, Social &amp; SEO has never been as inextricably linked as it is today. Our foundation for SEO is built on multiple types of content and assets [see slides 6,9,11] &amp; distribution of content across all available channels.Traditional Search Engines UsingWhite Hat tactics for Google, Bing, Baidu etc forlink building, website code &amp; CSSMeta tags optimisation traditional, Open Graph, G+ AuthorshipUsing latest Google SEO ranking factors as a checklist [see here] and ensuring complianceSocial Media Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Qzone, Tencent, Sina Weibo, RenRen etc, Blogging &amp; Influencer OutreachDistribution of content on social networks managed via strict editorial calendars &amp; process. Process to include scenario planning, persona planning &amp; needs analysis which in turn informs content /editorial strategyDriving of engagement, conversation and sharing on social networks involving active community managementVerified Google+ Authorship for Brand &amp; Key NS managementActive Blog content and thought Leadership on own blog and guest blogIdentification of Key Voices and Authority as part of Influencer Outreach &amp; engaging with them to like, tweet , share &amp; +1Images &amp; Video NetworksMeta Tag optimisationActive distribution of content and community management Device and Mobile SearchDevice optimised content</p> <p>TAOBAO</p> <p>Groupon</p> <p>Groupon</p> <p>Google+ Local</p> <p>Facebook Places</p> <p>GoogleYandexYahooBaidu</p> <p>Press Release Distribution</p> <p>Deliverables 7.Unlimited Press Release Distribution</p> <p>We will post unlimited SEO press releases to reach U.S. audiences. Your news release will go to news aggregators, news curators, search engines, blogs, social news networks, news alerts systems via XML, RSS feeds. See example online distribution points where your press releases are published below. Approximately 1500 sites.These are HIGH VOLUME LOW QUALITY. Primary benefit is SEO links.</p> <p>8. Tiered Press Release Distribution Social BookmarkingBookmarking will play an active part of our SEO planBookmarking is a great technique to get traffic to a website, social bookmarking also helps to get traffic to a websites internal pages. It is a white hat SEO technique. We will utilise high PR sites for bookmarking e.g. Delicious, Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon &amp; more. Dropping a websites signature there can also get more traffic.Social bookmarking sites can be crawled and indexed by the Search Engines whereas most social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are not usually indexed and links are no followed. SEO &amp; bookmarking strategy will be very closely linked to our blogging and social media strategy and is a major component of the content strategy where we will be regularly adding original content and distributing via bookmarking sites.Maximum Submissions per MonthMonthly FeeBilled Annually5,000 99.9910,000 169.9920,000 259.9940,000 599.99</p> <p>9. Unlimited Press Release Distribution to News DesksNewsDesk Media List maintenance and build to major news publications in UK, USA. Maximum 100 publications</p> <p>Deliverables10. Own Media Content / Asset Strategy</p> <p>11. A/B Testing: On Page Optimization or In-App features testing possible experimentsHypothesis-Experiment-Learn-Repeat approach. Constant optimisation &amp; analysis using A/B testing Copy -Test Headline size and copy does headline match message they saw on journey to page?Long vs shortPositive or negativeBenefits vs FeaturesCreative -Test different images / banners : lifestyle vs. aspirational vs. Functional,Form TestsNumber of fieldsPosition of formWith or without directional cuesCookie based testsTest different tag linesTest different colours for buttonsTest different size for buttons; test with or without directional cuesTest image vs. videoTest header menu with and withoutTest with client info and testimonials on and off. Test diff. TestimonialsTest different Calls to action sign up now vs. buy now e.g.Test using product Logos / icons vs. just textTest and Segment by traffic source. E.g. Social media traffic send to different version of page vs. email trafficTest and Segment by user type e.g. New visitor vs. returning visitor. Tablet visitor vs. desktopUse of dedicated tools like Optimizely, Unbounce, KissMetricsConduct Usability tests with actual users on site Information Architecture. Test different page layouts against each other</p> <p>12. Programmatic Bought Media Marketing Campaign [Example Scenario]We can plan, deploy and optimise a Acquisition, Brand and Retargeting campaigns using the power of real-time bidding across display, mobile, social and video ad networksRegardless of number of countries, costs are based on your total media spend with publishers.This example is with one particular programmatic ad network and is mainly to show how our fee is calculated for any bought media planning and execution.Process for this particular platform would bePlace Audience Insights Tag on siteCreate and filter custom audiences [Plan]Identify Audience segments and target across channels OR create audience extension from existing consumers [Plan]Prepare creative [Twizoo] and launch campaign [GrowthHakka] [Deploy]Optimize and validate</p> <p>Media Spend Month GrowthHakka Media Fee MonthPlatform Fee Month Total Client Cost Month Actual Amount spent on Media Buying1,000.0040%199.001,400.00801.002,000.0035%199.002,700.001,801.003,000.0030%199.003,900.002,801.004,000.0025%199.005,000.003,801.005,000.0020%199.006,000.004,801.006,000.0015%199.006,900.005,801.007,000.0014%199.007,980.006,801.008,000.0013%199.009,040.007,801.009,000.0012%199.0010,080.008,801.0010,000.0011%199.0011,100.009,801.00</p> <p>Platform Fee is for 0 100K web events. 100K to 1M web events is 499 a month from this particular vendor.</p> <p>ActivityMonthly Cost Notes 1. Social Media Content / Asset Strategy, Campaign planning &amp; management249.99 2. Blogger + Vlogger + Journalist Mining249.992a. Blogger + Vlogger + Journalist Outreach &amp; Engagement Purchase249.99 2b. Blogger + Vlogger + Journalist Outreach &amp; Engagement Nurture249.99 3. MixPanel In-App Analysis &amp; Marketing Automation349.99MixPanel subscription cost not included. Support needed from Angl Dev team to add code / events4. AppStore Optimisation.249.995. Bought &amp; Search Media Content / Asset Strategy &amp; execution249.99Angl to provide creative assets6. Website Search Engine Optimization Strategy249.99 7.Unlimited Press Release Distribution109.99Angl to write and prepare press releases8. Tiered Press Release Distribution Social Bookmarking99.99Example using lowest Tier cost. Could be higher. Angl to write and prepare press releases9. Unlimited Press Release Distribution to News Desks 99.99Angl to write and prepare press releases</p> <p>10. Own Media Content / Asset Strategy249.9911. A/B Testing Program Setup &amp; Strategy Web &amp; Mobile then monthly run249.99Configuration of MixPanel &amp; other tools &amp; experiments definition.12. Programmatic Media Planning, Buying &amp; Optimisation ongoing400.00example based on estimated 1000 media spend [refer to slide 22]. Resource intensive. Could be higher. Total3308.88This will cover 2.5 to 3 people plus tool costsTotal with VAT [20%]3970.65You may be exempt from VAT as you are not in the UK. </p> <p>We hope you will appreciate that the previous slides is a LOT of work. We will do it ALL for just over 3,000 per month.We will be your growth hacking partner and agency &amp; we will get you the results you need.</p> <p>CredentialsSEO / SEMSocial Media Optimisation</p> <p>Campaigns executed by Zohe Mustafa NOT Growth Hakka</p> <p>Campaigns executed by Zohe Mustafa NOT Growth Hakka</p> <p>Campaigns executed by Zohe Mustafa NOT Growth Hakka</p> <p>CredentialsStrategy / PlanBuild Run</p> <p>Zohe Mustafa Profileat800 - Social Media Communications &amp; Customer Service, Strategy, Design, Build &amp; Run - Defining and setting up of operating model, scenario planning [across comms &amp; customer service], need analysis and subsequent response grid for canned response / snippets definition and then activation, process modelling [business as usual and crisis planning], social channel selection, tone of voice, volume and resource planning, social media management tools / software selection and setup / implementation, call centre integration, rules of engagement and workflow between marketing / customer service, monitoring and evaluation of brand related conversations on social media, KPI definition and measurement. Ongoing community management. Blogger outreach;at800 Digital advertising lead across Search, Display, Mobile &amp; Social Media</p> <p>Accenture - Mobile Content Portfolio analysis &amp; Content Strategy project for Nokia. This project defined new mobile content vertical strategy &amp; recommendations for Nokias Windows Phone devices.Accenture Digital Marketing Strategy &amp; Consumer Journey Strategy for clients such as MTN, Sky, O2</p> <p>Nokia - Responsible for multiple Mobile Apps campaigns driving over 10M+ downloads. With one campaign delivering over 5M downloads alone. Managed &amp; launched multiple awareness, adoption &amp; transactional campaigns for mobile content &amp; devices whilst also co-marketing with operator, apps &amp; content partners;Nokia Major contributor to Apps CRM strategy &amp; campaigns to cross sell &amp; upsell apps. Nokia - Major contributor to Developer Marketing Strategy</p> <p>Virgin Media - Responsible for driving, maintaining &amp; increasing online sales &amp; acquisition in one year to 451,200 sales via Search, Display, &amp; Affiliates. Achieved Monthly ARPU of Cable Customer (Broadband, TV, Phone) 254. Monthly ARPU of Mobile Customer 17. 206,000 mobile orders x 17 ARPU = 3,510,500 Revenue201,278 broadband/TV orders x 254 ARPU = 51,124,713 potential Revenue108,420 broadband/TV orders actually converted to installs x 254 ARPU = 27,538,680 Revenue Total Revenue Generated Mar 07 - Mar 08 = 31,049,180</p> <p>Relevant ExperienceBought Media Planning &amp; BuyingGrowth HackingSocial Media MarketingSearch Engine MarketingCRM &amp; Email MarketingWeb &amp; Mobile Design, Build &amp; RunFunctional Expertise7 years working with Digital [Media] Services for QVC [TV shopping], Virgin Media [broadband, mobile, digital TV], Nokia [mobile apps/content, music, games, maps, email], Accenture [mobile apps/content for telco/tech clients], Royal Mail [digital stamps], at800 [mobile 4G]. 13 years working in Retail [E-commerce, M-Commerce, In-Store] for EpicHeroes, QVC, Virgin Media, Nokia &amp; Royal Mail</p> <p>7 years working in Telecommunications companies for Cable &amp; Wireless, Virgin Media, Nokia, Accenture [telco clients] &amp; at800</p> <p>A digital communications, ecommerce &amp; through the line [ATL|BTL], multichannel marketing specialist with 14 years experience in the management of marketing projects for blue chips &amp; start-ups. An innovative &amp; progressive approach to conception, development &amp; implementation of strategic marketing plans &amp; product lifecycle across bought, owned &amp; earned media.</p> <p>A "Growth Hacker" / " Marketing Technologist i.e. a hybrid background of web/software development [coder] &amp; sales &amp; marketing. Due to my technical skills always looking to either directly or indirectly implement features into content / products from the ground up that facilitate marketing efforts such as A/B multivariate testing and insight gathering Digi...</p>