Growth Hacking - It's a process

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Growth HackingIts a processThe Silver Bullet2@DavisMTLGH: Hockey Stick Growth (?)3@DavisMTL Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content Marketing (Blogging) Social Media Marketing (SMM) Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) ReferralGrowth Channels4@DavisMTLGH: Rollercoaster of Growth5@DavisMTL(A/B Testing)Experiment6@DavisMTLMost Tests Will Fail7@DavisMTLThe Lean Startup taught us to learn from our mistakes. Its validated learning.But Thats OK8@DavisMTLHow do we do it right?9@DavisMTLIts THE processScientific Method10@DavisMTL(eg. Metrics, Survey Results, etc.)Observation11@DavisMTLValidate observations, e.g. qualitative dataDo Background Research12@DavisMTL(e.g. users abandon cart because...)Create a Hypothesis13@DavisMTLUsually an A/B TestTest it14@DavisMTLAnalyze Results15@DavisMTLHypothesis is true or falseConclusion16@DavisMTL Observation Research Hypothesis Test Analyze ConclusionScientific Method17@DavisMTL Backlog Summary of Current and Past Tests Details of Tests PlaybookDocument Types18@DavisMTLBacklog Bucket of ideas Tests to run Prioritized Performance gain Traffic/Volume Development effort19@DavisMTLCurrent and Past Tests What touch point Hypothesis Start / End Dates Short description of versions (A, B, C) Who owned the test Winner Conclusions Link to detailed report20@DavisMTL21@DavisMTL Description / Why / Goal Full hypothesis Metrics that will be measured Screenshots of versions Full details of results Metrics of every step of the funnel Conclusion Key take-awaysDetails of Test22@DavisMTL23*Missing statistical significance & P-Value.@DavisMTL Learnings from tests General conclusions that can be used throughout the product or site Useful cross-team Company Asset Makes transferring knowledge easier (new employees)Playbook24@DavisMTL Spend 1 to 3 month on a specific metric Depends on speed to get results (traffic) Depends on development timeSprints25@DavisMTLIn Summary26@DavisMTLQuestions? sorinolaru@icloud.comFor suggestions>>wtv you would like to see in the future + feedback