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Geo-Tagging Images / Photos

Geo-Tagging Images / PhotosIts all in the Latitude and the Longitude

What is Geo-Tagging ?

It is the addition of meta-data (latitude and longitude) to an image file

Most Valuable for LOCAL businesses

Why Geo-Tagging ?Search engines, Google in particular, can find specific location data associated with an image

Google likes local data for local businesses and uses it in their search results

Geo-Tagging helps define the where of your business activities

ExamplesAny business; any business with 2 or more locations in a city or in the worldRestaurantMetal Fabrication business with facilities in 3 statesPhotographer who photographs high school students (geo-tag the high schools)

Folder Structure

Originals from Client

Where to start ?OPTIMIZE your images. This includes:New File Names use keyword phrasesResize your image to its final image size to avoid any resizing by Wordpress themes or other software; plus Save for Web option cannot handle very large imagesSave for Web save your images at the lowest possible resolution for faster load times; IMPORTANT this will delete all meta-data in the image file

Where to start ? (page 2)4) Add relevant location to file names if desired; example italian-pasta-katy-tx.jpg5) Add desired Meta-Data Title, Subject, Tags but dont overdo it dont keyword stuff6) Geo-Tag

Right Click An Image to Edit Meta-Data and Rename

Details Tab

Title, Subject, Tags, Comments - Make Changes AFTER Save for Web

How to Geo-Tag ? Geo-Tag with any suitable software

Picasa 3 works well (but is being retired by Google) and is Free

Upload your images to your website; add Alt Tag to images, check titles, and you are done

Photo Editing - Resizing

Photo Editing Save for Web

Keywords Do your Keyword research and use various primary and secondary keywords for:File namesTitles of imagesTags (keywords)

Lets Geo-Tag ! Find your Keywords

Rename all File Names for ImagesUse your Keywords

Metal Laser CuttingMetal FabricationMetal WeldingLaser Tube Cutting

Go 1 Step Further on Keywords

Final Keyword List for File Namesmetal-laser-cuttingmetal-laser-cutting-servicesmetal-laser-cutting-designsprecision-laser-cuttingprecision-laser-cutting-servicesmetal-fabricationlaser-cut-metalcutting-laserlaser-cut-stencilslaser-tube-cuttingmetal-waterjet-cuttingmetal-laser-cutlaser-metal-cutting-servicemetal-cutting-servicesmetal-lazer-cuttingmetal-lazer-cut

Changing File Names

After Renaming Files, Copy to Another Folder for Resizing and Save for Web

All Common Features / Data Input Completed Now Copy Images to Other Folders for Multiple Locations

Include City & State in New File Namessanta-ana-ca



Example: cutting-laser-las-vegas-nv.jpg

Organize Addresses for Picasa1972 E. McFadden Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705

3430 E. Russell Road, Las Vegas, NV 89120

5850 San Felipe, Houston, TX 77057

Picasa will soon be History

Picasa Must Know the Target Folder

Picasa Must Scan Your Target Folder

Select Correct Folder & Input Address

Confirm Your Work

The EndRemember, I am an expert.

An expert is one who admits he does not have all of the answers, but he can find them all with the proper funding.