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5 principles for selling in big content strategy; from audit to optimization.


  • 1. Content Strategy Fundamentals Justine Cowell Digital Content Strategist

2. Discovery The Auditing Phase The auditing phase is a time for SWOT analysis as much as for meticulous site mapping. A good content audit becomes an opportunity database that maps the road ahead. GATHER CONTEXT TO BUILD A CASE 3. Know What to Show Process documents dont sell ideas EUREKA! THE POTENTIAL IS SO CLEAR BUT ITS ALL IN MY HEAD & THIS XLS BUILD THE VISION (WITH PROOF) Audit-immersion leads to valuable business insight and subject matter expertise. The next challenge is to build a convincing vision of improvements to the current content ecosystem, with data to support hypotheses. 4. Find the Interesting Guided by business objectives and target audience THIS IS THE CONTENT YOU SEE THIS IS WHAT YOURE LOOKING FOR The journalistic side of content strategist is the ability to find interesting angles on any topic, in any vertical. The content marketing side sets that content topic up in a context that will guarantee its success. 5. Connect the Dots Setting the stage for ecosystem success THIS IS THE CONTENT VISION THIS IS THE START OF THE ECOSYSTEM The content tone, territory, and topics are the backbone of the strategy, and inform the plan for channels, cadence, KPIs & SEO. 6. Plan to Optimize Use analytics and scheduled iterations A content strategy is a short term vision that will need course correction. Analytics provide the feedback loop to build on whats working and weed out what still needs help. 7. Questions & Comments? Let me know with a comment, share or tweet @mrsjpirate


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