Facebook Tips for Your Local Business

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Are you still struggling with your business Facebook page? You know it needs some serious improvements, but yet you are a bit unsure of what you need to do? There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the most powerful forms of advertising out there today, but in order to reap the real benefits, there are some extremely important factors that every business should consider More than 80 percent of businesses across the globe are now using Facebook as a way to promote their business. Times have changed and social media is here to stay. Due to the number of people currently using Facebook, it only makes sense to put your business right in front of your target audience by establishing a presence there. Utilize these above tips to help make your Facebook page a huge success. Need some assistance setting up and/or managing your business Facebook page? We are specializing in helping local businesses connect with local consumers by establishing a strong, positive online presence. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation! Thank you, Umair ul haq Usmani Co. Founder e-Business Experts International http://www.eBusiness.pk http://www.facebook.com/ebusinessexperts Skype: ebusinessexperts


  • 1. www.eBusiness.pk www.facebook.com/ebusinessexperts Skype: ebusinessexperts

2. Spread the Word About Your Page Tell People to Like Your Page in: Your Emails Your Printed Materials Your Storefront Your TV Commercials And more! 3. Share More Than Information About Your Business Share Tips and Information Share Videos Share Articles Share Humor 4. Make Sure You Have a Custom URL The Default URLs are Long and Hard to Remember The Custom URLs Make it Easier for People to Find Your Page 5. Take Time to Respond to Everyone Builds Relationships Makes Your Followers Feel Appreciated Creates Long-Lasting, Loyal Customers 6. Be Consistent with Your Postings No One Will Like a Blank Facebook Page Post Fresh Content on a Consistent Basis Create a Regular Schedule for Posting to Help You Keep Up 7. Keep Your Page Fun and Informative People Use Social Media Mostly to Engage and Gather Information Think About What Your Target Wants to Read About and Post That Spark Conversations Dont Make Too Many Promotional Posts 8. Show Customer Appreciation Simply Tell Them Thank You for Being a Customer Run Special Offers Only for Your Facebook Fans Invite them to leave Customer Feedback 9. Use Facebook Apps Promote Events Run Contests Conduct Polls Upload and Record Videos And More! 10. Offer Special Content Give Your Fans Something Unique Will Give Them That Personal Connection Keep Them Coming Back to Check Your Page More Often 11. Link Your Facebook Fan Page to Your Website Put a Facebook Icon on Your Website and Link it to Your Fan Page Lets Your Website Visitors Know that You Are On Facebook Offer an Incentive for Them to Like Your Page 12. If you need assistance setting up or managing your Facebook Fan Page, contact us today*www.eBusiness.pk www.facebook.com/ebusinessexperts Skype: ebusinessexperts