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Analysis and findings for AIHA - American Institute of Hygiene for purposes of site redesign.



2. AGENDA Our approach Findings | Recommendations:Strategic, Editorial & Tactical Appendix:Performance, Analytics, Research 3. APPROACH TO FINDINGS 1: OUR PROCESS1. 200+ page site wide audit (social platforms, newsletters, PDF publications,whitepapers) measured content performance and quality against 16 criteria.1. Persona data assessed user needs, goals, key characteristics, motivations, andresponses to each.1. Examined Google Analytics reports for insight into performance andopportunity areas1. Provided Fixes & Recommendations short & long term (Strategic, Editorial &Tactical)1. Deliverables content scorecard (.xls), SEO audit (.pdf), content audit &recommendations (.xls) , content map (.xls), buyer segmentation / buying cyclegrid (.xls), SEO fixes (.xls) 4. APPROACH TO FINDINGS 2: CONTENT AUDIT WEIGHTINGS We measured 200+ website pages against 16 primary criteria. We used a Weighted Scale(below) to measure AIHAs content maturity. This prescriptive self-assessment tool measures AIHAs compliance with best practicesacross eight different dimensions. We have grouped each dimension into three buckets: Strategic, Editorial & Tactical. 5. APPROACH TO FINDINGS 3: DataWe included the most effective elements of a good data story. Keep in mind that most of the cannedand automatic reports do more harm than good because they do not provide context. Top performingpages and referral traffic for the past 6 months were not enough to tell a detailed story.Our findings & recommendations show: What we observed Why it mattersHow it looks compared to AIHAs goalsHow AIHA can achieve its goals What is effective and what is not What can we do today What did we learn that we can apply in future 6. APPROACH TO FINDINGS 4: CategoriesStrategic- Actionable items designed to achieve user-facing and internal goals.Editorial- Considerations and recommendations to create, optimize and promote content which will fillthe top to the bottom of AIHAs marketing funnel with more site traffic, new member leads andexisting member engagement.Tactical- A set of fixes to improve the overall performance of the site and user experience. 7. APPROACH TO FINDINGS 5: DeliverablesContent Audit (snapshot on previous page)- Evaluated 227 pages against 16 criteria, Persona data and analytics data.- Ability to filter entire audit by High, Medium and Low scoring pages via color coding (Green, Yellow, Red)- In depth quantitative inventory and qualitative audit captures search optimization, usability, content value and high/low functioning content suggestions.- A list of SEO, hierarchical, broken links and buttons, general fixes and quality assurance items are highlighted in yellow and red.Content Scorecard (included in audit file under separate tab)- Based on our audit, the scorecard includes a breakdown of best practices by category. Of the 16 evaluation criteria, we created 8 top categories which highlight recommendations formobile best practices. We grouped the 8 categories into 3 major buckets: Tactical, Strategic & Editorial as top action items.- A detailed list and guide to our findings by category, including suggestions for implementation.SEO Audit + Fixes (PDF file and Excel file for fixes)- The SEO audit is a crawl of 4000+ pages. We breakdown the major fixes and areas to consider. A full detailed spreadsheet with labeled tabs of problematic URLs from site sections areprovided.Content Map (Excel file with tabs for each persona)- Based on our audit, and the persona list provided by AIHA, we have mapped existing content to each major persona (4 total). We have added content repurposing suggestions andcontent creation recommendations.- A publishing / posting frequency schedule for all new and existing content types and formats.Buyer Segmentation Guide / Process (Excel file with tabs for each persona)- A breakdown of each stage in the sales engagement cycle for all 4 personas.- Customer (Member) needs and pain points.- Existing content which helps solves pain points at each phase of the buying cycle.- Suggested messaging and positioning for each phase of the buying cycle. 8. Editorial Considerations & IssuesMapping content to personas and buying cycleContent HierarchyVoice & TonePersona / User EngagementChannel Strategy 9. CONSIDERATION 1: AIHAs GoalsTarget AudienceLocal, National and International Markets: Members and Non-MembersGoalsEducation & participationIncrease member engagementDeliver content via multiple channels for intended audienceConsistent messaging across all platforms 10. CONSIDERATION 2: AIHA + MEMBERSUser Needs AIHA GOALSEducational and informative content whichis brief and easy to consume on multipledevicesIncrease traffic to web siteEasier access to trending and cuttingedge content for members and non-membersIncrease new membership andmembership renewal rateClearer paths to content Increase conference and resources salesand subscriptionsAbility to share content Boost member satisfaction with AIHAOpportunitiesBusinessGoalsUserNeeds 11. RECOMMENDATION 1: Align Goals for AIHA & MEMBERS1. Help users do what they want to do not what you want them to do2. Users have fixed attention because they need to find a piece ofinformation or complete a task quickly, while still managing manysensory inputs.3. Reduce the amount of clicks to help them complete goals4. Jump directly to the most used elements first (Member Center,CareerAdvantage)5. Add additional content for general public users, business consumers,academics, technical professionals and young professionals in aformat which is easier to consume and arrange content in an easier-to-find format. 12. EDITORIAL CONSIDERATION 1: Buyer PersonaDevelopmentWhen developing buyer personas, here are some of the questions wefactored into our content mapping suggestions: Demographic information Job and level of seniority Pain points & needs How to help them solve pain points Values and goals Where they go for information Their most common objections to AIHA services 13. EDITORIAL RECOMMENDATION 1: Buyer Stages & NeedsWith content mapping, the goal is to target content according to A) the characteristics ofthe person who will be consuming it and B) how close that person is to making a purchase( i.e. their buying stage):1. Buyer / Persona stages are outlined: Need, Discovery, Consideration, Decision, Review Descriptions of each stage Persona actions within each stage The duration of each stage Influencer content mapped to each stage1. Seller / AIHA Actions are outlined: Provoke, Educate, Explain, Reassure, Maintain Content mapped to each action Suggested messaging for each action 14. EDITORIAL RECOMMENDATION 1: Buyer Stages & NeedsRefer toBuyingprocessstageexcel file 15. EDITORIAL CONSIDERATION 2: Content + PersonaMappingRefer toContentmappingpersonasdeliverable 16. EDITORIAL RECOMMENDATION 2: Content + PersonaMappingSpecific, existing content is mapped toeach phase and each persona (see all tabsin worksheet)1. Non-Members have not beenaccounted for in the persona researchdocument we received. We created atab in the content mapping personasworksheet.1. Repurpose excerpts from the PressFact sheet and Advertising Guide pdffor the Member Benefits page teasedon the homepage. 17. EDITORIAL CONSIDERATION 3: Voice &ToneMembership Types | AIHce2015 |Government Affairs 18. EDITORIAL RECOMMENDATION 3: Voice& ToneContent currently speaks at the consumer in anambiguous manner without personalization.1. Define the brand story and content narrative2. Use active voice we found passive voicethroughout the site. Pages to note are included inthe audit.3. Ensure messaging for each piece of content ismapped correctly to each persona4. Personalize content with flair and decide whatAIHAs voice and tone characteristics should be inan editorial style guide determined by eachstakeholder5. Messaging should be consistent throughout allchannels & platforms including social, email andprint 19. EDITORIAL CONSIDERATION 4:HierarchyAIHA in the News | Membership Pages| Educational Transcripts 20. EDITORIAL RECOMMENDATION 4:HierarchyInformation is often not organized hierarchically - from the general to the specific. Theorganization is unclear and not logical; the most important items in a list are not placedat the top. At times, numbered lists or bullets are used on some pages, other pages lacklists.1. Pages with unclear hierarchy are outlined in the audit. Consider revising.2. An inverted pyramid style is a best practice: Headline, main idea, general ideasand then specific ideas with links to additional content or similar content3. Each content page should begin with conclusions or implications that readers caneasily scan4. Membership pages are in a strange order and the content on the benefits page andother member pages is often haphazard and unclear consider revising.5. Create more quick-to-scan content with headings, sub-headings, and bulleted listsThe AIHce Student and Young Member Activities page is especially clunky. Topics,tips and action items are lumped together. 21. EDITORIAL CONSIDERATION 5:EngagementDonate | Get Involved 22. EDITORIAL RECOMMENDATION 5:Engagement90% of all pages lack graphics, datavisualization, diagrams, infographics, flow chartsand other visuals.1. Consider implementing imagery inplace of wordy blocks of text.1. Consider using these existing statshttp://www.networkmediapartners.com/aiha/2013/2013AIHA.html onhomepage and membership benefitspage.2. Consider repurposing Fact SheetPDF content and Word doc CheatSheets into blog posts, graphics, anddata visualization aids 23. EDITORIAL RECOMMENDATION 5:Engagement1. 95% of all pages lack social buttons of any kind. To attract youngprofessionals and prospects / general audience this is crucial.1. 70% of all pages dead end and do not engage users with upbeatmessaging, a clear path to the next piece of content or landingpage, and clearer calls to action. Develop each page with morepurpose and think about how they interrelate and connect in alarger, holistic sense.2. 65% of all videos, podcasts and webinars do not containscreengrabs, images or descriptive teaser content which inspires auser to watch or listen to content. Think about your audience. Whatwould provoke them to spend time engaging with a video? Wheresthe hook? 24. EDITORIAL CONSIDERATION 6:ChannelsPaid:Content PartnershipsNative advertising and social adsOwned:PrintSynergist MagazinePress RoomWebinarsEmailsAll NewslettersVideosPodcastsWhitepapersPosition StatementsEvents & ConferencesElearningAIHce On DemandVolunteer GroupsEarned / Social:LinkedinFacebookTwitterQuoraYouTube 25. EDITORIAL RECOMMENDATION 6:ChannelsFacebookYoung Professionals, GeneralPublic, Active Members- Post more lifestyle content,quizzes, polls, quotes and20% AIHA specific content- Post user comments asposts people like seeingtheir name in lights- Solicit success stories andtestimonialsTwitterTechnical Professionals,General Public, ActiveMembers- Share news updates,curated content, tips, how tocontent, JOEH news,interview quotes with kick,sound bytes, conferencephotos, courseannouncementsLinkedInTechnical Professionals,Young Professionals, ActiveMembers, Academics,General Public- Post industry news, askquestions, create new groupson Linkedin for each topicrelevant to the community:workplace safety, mold,regulations, etc. 26. AppendixPerformance, Analytics, Research 27. Appendix 1: Top Performing Pages 28. Appendix: Top Traffic Referrals 29. Appendix: Secondary Traffic Referrals & Social Channels 30. Appendix: Popular Keywords 31. Appendix: Content Lifecycle 32. Appendix: Broken social sharing link 33. Appendix: Improve Membership ExperienceExamples: A compelling blurband calls to actionfor general public /prospectivemembers Strategic way toorganize andpresent information


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