Distribution channel at Bhushan Power and Steels Ltd

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Distribution channel at Bhushan Power and Steels Ltd, Sambalpur Orrisa.

Text of Distribution channel at Bhushan Power and Steels Ltd

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    SESSION (2012-2014)





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    I, ANANDKUMAR TIWARI, hereby declare that the report on BHUSHAN POWER AND

    STEEL Ltd entitled DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL is a result of my own work and my

    indebtedness to other work publications. Correction if any will be duly acknowledged.

    Place: NOIDA

    Date: 17th June 2013 Anand Kumar Tiwari

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    This is to certify that the project work titled DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL submitted to

    Bharathiar University in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the Degree of

    Master of Business Administration in is a record of the original work done by ANANDKUMAR

    TIWARI under my supervision and guidance and that this project work has not formed the basis

    for the award of any Degree/Diploma/Associate ship/Fellowship or similar title to any

    candidate of any University.

    Signature of the Guide


    Submitted for University Examination held on ________________________

    Internal Examiner External Examiner

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    As MBA students our aim should not be only to learn theoretical concepts in the classroom, but

    it becomes more important as how we apply those concepts in practices.

    In present scenario the world is developing so fast, and thus the technological and application

    theory is changing at a greater phase. The study inculcates students to think out of the box,

    rather than emphasising within the box. We are coming across many modern theories and

    implementation of machineries, to start new business. We must have the knowledge of theories

    and practical, through it, the student can able to know about how to apply their mind in the real

    business world.

    This training is to create awareness about the industrial environment amongst the students. Such

    Industrial visit also plays vital role in MBA programme.

    The importance of industrial training and project preparation has been widely accepted in the

    education institutions. Thus knowing the importance of such practical visit, our college is

    providing with such a programme to enhance the overall development of the students.

    BHUSHAN POWER AND STEEL Ltd gave me the golden opportunity to carry out my

    training in such a great organization. I have prepared the detail report regarding the

    DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL. I have tried my best to collect all necessary information

    relating to the project work.

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    It gives me great pleasure to present the report entitled DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL at


    First of all, with profound pleasure and proud privilege, I take this opportunity to express my

    deep sense of gratitude and indebtness to the Bhushan Power and Steel Ltd. Sambhalpur, for

    giving me opportunity to undertake this project.

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Sh. P.N. MAHESHWARI (DGM Marketing).

    For giving me this opportunity to complete my internship in this esteemed organization and for

    their kind supports.

    I would also like to thank Mr. TARUN GUPTA (Senior Manager Marketing) and

    Mr. ARVIND DUBEY (Executive Marketing) for his guidance throughout the project.

    With great sense of gratitude, I also thank him for his experienced judgment, endless interest

    and constant encouragement with out which it would have been possible for me to accomplish

    the project successfully.

    There is a saying hundred miles journey begins with one step it was my first step in the

    industry so that with immense gratitude and heartful appreciation.

    I am greatful to MS. SEEMA MISHRA (Asst. Dean IIBS) for providing esteemed guidance

    and valuable support throughout the project.

    I find my self- lacking in word to express sense of gratitude to my beloved parents for their

    encouragement, moral and emotional support.

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    Management is a course which teaches the student to get the work done properly from different

    available sources viz. man, machine, material, money etc. So there can be a satisfaction from

    the organization side and the workers side who play a significant role in achieving success. So

    far the fulfilment or the management course, it gives emphasis to project work and students

    learn how to plan in practical terms rather in terms of theory only. Student tends to develop

    analytical and problem solving skill. We necessary become motivated and competitive, in fact

    all the learning that goes on for the two year term become so much the part of our thinking that

    we developed a well all rounded personality.

    The following are the objectives and purpose of the study-

    I. For the fulfilment of Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) programme as realized

    by the International Institute of Business Management. (AICTE approved)

    II. To care and contact with the working of an organization and to see the different types

    of marketing activities. The main emphasis is on the distribution Channel aspect of the


    III. Whatever the subject taught in the class room of MBA course that is completely

    theoretical. So during the training period we compare how the marketing research

    (sales) activities (practical) of our organization with the theories.

    IV. Find the depth and width of distribution channel adopted by Bhushan Power and Steels

    Ltd. Sambhalpur and compare them with those followed by competitors.

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    The main scope of this study is to ascertain the effectiveness of channel of distribution and

    various methods to increase the sales volume of the concern. The methods include regular

    information to the buyers creating a brand position in the market and taking measures to make

    the brand remain in its position. One of the important aspects of this study is also to increase

    the market segment for the product.

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    Chapter 1. Executive Summary

    1.1 About the Steel industry

    1.2 Industry trend

    1.3 Indian and Global perspective

    1.4 Indian Steel Industry structure

    1.5 PEST Analysis

    1.6 Competitor Analysis

    1.7 SWOT Analysis

    1.8 BPSL at glance

    Chapter 2. Distribution Channel

    2.1 What is Distribution?

    2.2 Types of Distribution

    2.3 Distribution Channel at BPSL

    2.4 Type of Channel Intermediaries

    2.5 Distribution Network of BPSL

    2.6 Marketing Management hierarchy

    2.7 Design and Engineering

    2.8 Marketing Activities

    Chapter 3. Research Methodology

    Chapter 4. SWOT

    Chapter 5. Recommendations

    Chapter 6. Conclusion

    Chapter 7. Questionnaire

    Chapter 8. References

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    The report consists of the details on BHUSHAN POWER AND STEEL Ltd. It is one of the

    most effluent companys of India for Steel Products. The main aim of it is the welfare of the

    society by providing quality Steel to its consumers and service to nation. This report also

    contains the detailed information about the rise in production of Steel. The Steel industry has

    being studied in detail, so that that can be converted into information which can be used by

    Bhushan Power and Steel Ltd for strategising its marketing distribution and channel areas.

    It has various Product, such as flat product and long product. BPSLs Indian manufacturing

    units are located at Chandigarh, Derabassi, Kolkata and Orissa. Overseas manufacturing units

    are located at Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sudan and Nepal with service centres at Ghana, Benin, Kenya

    and Senegal

    This report is detailed in nature and contains vital data of the Distribution Channel at Bhushan

    Power and Steel Ltd. This report will help BPSL to make strategies for their long term objective.

    This will enable the company to take appropriate decision as needed to increase as well as to

    enhance the distribution channel system and further development needed in accordance with

    changing business scenario. The data has been analyzed by presenting it in the form of graphs

    and tables and based on it; the interpretations have been made for the same. The results and

    findings have also been made for the organization to help management in their decisions. Lastly,

    the recommendations have also been made for the organization.

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    Steel is essential to the modern world, and its use is critical in enabling man to move towards a

    sustainable future. Whether in lighter, more efficient vehicles or renewable energy generation,

    steel is a fundamental part of a greener world. Indias Steel Industry has a history of more than

    a century. Before the liberalization, the Indian steel industry was a predominantly synchronized

    one with the public sector industry. Tata Steel was the only major private player involved in the

    production of steel. SAIL and Tata Steel have been the major steel industries of India. The