Digital Marketing / Social Media Tips for Small Business Owners

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These are the slides we use for Digital Marketing / Social Media Seminars we provide small business owners to help them understand the options they have in getting their business productive online in their local markets


  • 1. +Social Media/Digital Marketingfor Small BusinessScott

2. +Agenda Goals What is Social Media/Digital Marketing? Social Media/Digital Marketing tools/options Websites Email Marketing Social Media Sites Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Review Sites Advertising Loyalty / Referral Programs Marketing Tools Case Study Q&A / Wrap-Up 3. +Goals Explain the different types of tools in the Digital Marketing How they work Why they are important Take the mystery out of Digital Marketing Give you a high level overview of the things you should know and thinkabout We can go deeper on any of these topics off-line Help you figure out how to make Digital Marketing as easy and asregular a part of your customer outreach/communication as yourtelephone. 4. +What is Social Media / Digital Marketing? 5. +What is Social Media / Digital Marketing? Marketing that makes use of electronic devices toengage with stakeholders. Stakeholders communicate via many differentchannels online (email, social media, review sites,blogs, etc!) Massive shift from the offline world to the onlineworld 6. +How Marketing Has ChangedOld School Marketing New School Marketing 7. +Digital Marketing - WebsitesNew CustomersExistingCustomers 8. +Digital Marketing - Websites Typically the first place a Small Business will stake their presenceonline Migration from informational sites to interactive sites Ironically, cost to build is typically in line with how far up the interactive curve youwant to go Also need to consider e-Commerce, Supply Chain, Customer Relationship Mgmt(CRM) and other automation that can save time First step list out what the goals are of your website what do youwant to be able to accomplish with customers/partners? 9. +Building a Website - Options DIY sites Vertical focused sites More sophisticated platforms Hosting providers Hire a company/person to build it for you 10. +Blogging Not the same as a website! Fresh, dynamic content on areas you are an expert in This takes time and effort and you need to be consistent Can help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) well getto this later Platforms like Disqus allow you to engage with your audience 11. +Search Engine Optimization (SEO)New Customers 12. +Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Natural search what comes up organically (what the search enginesthink is the best answer to the question the user is posing) Google far and away the leader in this area. They change the rules ALLTHE TIME to keep people from gaming the results What should you do about it (Hint: fresh, compelling and relevantcontent) Tip - Tools/sites to help with SEO: 13. +Email MarketingExistingCustomers 14. +Email Marketing Allows you to target your existing customers nicely via email Analytics to track opens / clicks / etc. Requires effort to curate your mailing list and create REGULAR content The McDonalds effect - You need to touch people regularly for outboundmarketing to have a measurable effect A/B Testing allows you to try out content and measure/gauge results 15. +Social Networking SitesNew CustomersExistingCustomers 16. +Social Networking Sites Its not just Facebook! Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagramand others There are pros/cons of each platform Why are you using it? What do you want to get out of it? What a Facebook Like or a re-tweet is really worth 17. +Social Media Areas to Consider These sites will start costing you $$$. The less people on a site, theeasier it is to be heard for free. Once a site becomes popular, it getsnoisy and the site can start charging more. Spend time on each site as a USER - who they are targeting, what itsbest used for, how they make $$$ Keep up with changes - for example, the new Twitter profile Your best bet to help with SEO is Google+ ( 18. +Online Review/Directory SitesNew CustomersExistingCustomers 19. +Online Review/Directory Sites Yelp,, Angies List, TripAdvisor, Google Reviews These were built to serve the CONSUMER - not you You should respond to reviews Managing your NAP (Name/Address/Phone) contact details online(Yext, SinglePlatform, getListed, mozLocal) They can help with SEO, but with varied results that you do not control 20. +AdvertisingNew Customers 21. +Advertising I know at least half of my advertising budget works; I just dont know which half. -Henry Ford A variety of options - coupon sites (Groupon, LivingSocial), Review sites (Yelp,Google, TripAdvisor), Online Advertising (Google AdWords, local advertising),Traditional advertising (Yellow pages, hyperlocal newspaper, coupon clipper/circular) You will pay a bunch and it will be challenging to manage/measure Targeted Ads can be more effective and maximize advertising spend You need a specific plan and consistency for this to work well. Every time you stopone thing and start another, its like starting over. This does not build community 22. +Loyalty / Referral ProgramsExistingCustomers 23. +Loyalty / Referral ProgramsExistingCustomers An outstanding way to engage with your existing customers Loyalty typically points for frequent patronage Referral typically a bonus for referring friends and neighbors Lots of online options but understand the cost to manage/maintain Managing and Measuring these are the biggest challenges. If youre going to do it,make sure you have ways to measure the effectiveness 24. +Tools for the Small Business OwnerExistingCustomers Rental SEO shops - MainStreetHub, WhiteSpark, etc - you will pay amonthly fee (usually $200+) for them to manage this for you Vertical focused directories - will give you visibility, but no way tomanage your current customers Larger software suites (e.g. DemandForce, ExactTarget) Online platforms specific to small businesses for building communityand managing all the aspects of a Social Media / Digital Marketingprogram (e.g. Bizyhood)New Customers 25. +Bizyhood Plug!New CustomersExistingCustomers 26. +Bizyhood Plug!The worlds first Community Network Personalized landing page Events / Promotions Loyalty / Referrals Social Links Online Feedback including Responses(NO filtering) Two-way communication with yourcustomers Semi-private network for a business andtheir customers Social Publishing Verified Feedback Send information to customers usingwhatever channel they prefer Community site(s) integration Local SEO focused on gaining visibility inyour local service area 27. +Case Study Jay Garrett RE/MAX Realty Be subtle Build a Brand! Websites, MyMonmouth. Little blogging focused onreal estate today. Facebook no blatant advertising, more subtle. Brand himself more sothan his business. Twitter mostly a listening tool (Twitterific). SEO not as much as he should, mostly long tail keywords. Online Reviews Not much. Not a fan of Yelp. Likes Bizyhood. Advertising focused solely on realtors. Some Facebookads. Overall $400-600/mo. 28. +Q&A and Contact InfoScott (m)Find this Presentation online!