Digital Influencers & Destination Marketing: Marketing Workshop at ATECH16 in Aruba

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Guidrr, Inc. 2016 Aassia Haq, Founder & CEO @aassiaharoonhaq

Aruba Hilton, Marketing WorkshopSept 15, 2016 2-2:45 pmATECH Conference 2016 Digital Influencers& DestinationMarketing




My Story &My Goal Today


Life & Career of Travel=Perspective


@GUIDRRDigital Influencers: True Blue Ocean Strategy For Savvy Destination Marketers . Less costlyPotentially less competitiveMore authenticMore trustedAbility to scale and serve


@GUIDRRMeet Negin2.4M FollowersNYT (1.3M Circ)Business Traveler

Lost In Florence, A Back Story

@GUIDRRExperiences, Not Things100M Millennials Who TravelSpend about 1K per tripTravel in groups Experience seekersGain Information P2P


@GUIDRRQuestion 1:Does your brand havean authentic experienceto offer?

ACTION: Write It Down: What is It?78% of Millennials choose to consume anexperience or event over buying something (Harris study).


@GUIDRRQuestion 2:Can you be an authenticdestinationinfluencer?

ACTION: Whats human about you? Your brand? What is your niche? Write it down Think small& trusted

The opposite ofBig brand thinking

No matter the size of your brand!


@GUIDRRWhy ImBullish on DestinationInfluencers In Travel

$1.4 Trillion Industry Is Human Again

FROM People & Data Mover..TOLife & Revenue Enabler

Javier, Madrid Artesan, Malasana

Guidrrs Destination Marketing Back Story



Nardia BloggerFlorence Gaia Blogger/VJSao Paolo Brazil

Stew, Writer Nashville

Bea, Blogger Dublin

Sean, Yasmin Nomads Austin/Japan

Dawn, Teacher, FoodieDallas

Dwayne, PhotographerAlaska

@GUIDRRWhat we learned from digital influencers

Guidrr is already building a roster of influencers to help guide people through the coolest places around the world. Killer Startups

Anne Blogger in Paris with Pret a Voyager Read It!

@GUIDRRThe right way & the wrong way to engage

Keep it simpleBe AuthenticLearn about the blogger Is there mutual value? Pay or perks or both?


Digital Influencers Are Also Destination Brands@GUIDRR

Peer-to-Peer InfluencersCan Be New GatekeepersEmpower & Engage & PartnerAs Co-Equals in the Destination Story

Destination MarketingHas Left the Building



Social Marketing Secrets@GUIDRRWasted social posts Influencer access & successWhere to drive the visitorto engage further

QUESTION:Are you posts going beyond the like?Can you measure results?



Question: Do you know your audience?ACTION: Which influencers appeal to your audience, not you! Action: ASK! ITs as simple as that. Its a Fact: Influencers Can Unlock Deeper Destination Funnels


Case Study: Downtown Dallas, Inc.

SaaS marketing solutionPositioned DDI as savvy marketerScaled entry of city influencer content Branded Mobile content to reusePromotion of local brands

Step 1: Guidrr Ran DDI Live Like A Local Contest: Community Created Travel Guides

Unique URL for Contest Entrant Period (April-June):

Powered For DDI on Mobile & Social by Guidrr, Inc.

Step 2: DDIs VP of Marketing Shalissa Perry Engaged with Contestants Privately DDI Photos (Entrants Private Reception at Americano, The Joule Hotel):-

Case Study: Downtown Dallas, Inc.

SaaS marketing solutionPositioned DDI as savvy marketerScaled entry of city influencer content Branded Mobile content to reusePromotion of local brands

DDI Contest Objectives & Results (Powered by Guidrr)Entrants: 36 Locals Guides Created: 18 Start of Contest (Soft Launch): April 2016 Close of Entrants: June 17 2016; Guide Submission Deadline: August 22 2016

Entrants Private Reception 6/22: 25+ Attendees at Joule Hotel (Local Business)Business PR Perks: Perks from 12-15 Businesses, Finalized & Added To by DDI Combined Instagram Influence of Entrants: 174,511

DDI OBJECTIVES: Update Legacy Web content on DDI Web Site To Authentic Mobile Dallas Content By Engaging With Local #MyDTD Destination Ambassadors On Instagram; Promote Dallas Downtown Districts; Benefit Downtown Businesses

Key Analytics To Note

Zero Paid Marketing Dollars Were Applied to Campaign36 Destination Ambassadors Engaged With 174K Combined IG Influence Size18 New Fully Mobile Multi-Step Experiences Created- With More Coming 53 Authentic, Unaided, Unpaid Local Business Mentions + 21 Local Attractions44% of Entrants Created 1 or More Guides+Additional Guides Still In Progress


Case Study for Festival Marketing & Fan Engagement

Case Study: Guidrr & #DFWSAFFEngaging Content AmbassadorsGuiding Fans (Discounts, Tips) Delivering sponsor added value


@GUIDRRPartnershipWritten by Internal Ambassador Excitement & Sales buildServe Partners & Vendors Post-sale & event Donation/CTA


Varelie_CroesOn Guidrr


5 steps: Just start

@GUIDRRDetermine Your True Experience You Want to Sell Start talking about it on Social Identify a real person to tell a story Build a funnel with a link from mobile Measure results

@GUIDRRCreate, Share & Discover Destination Experiences

Mobile First Authentic & TrustedInfluencer & Brand Roles Niched to Followers



@aassiaharoonhaqMuchos Gracias!Graci!Shukriya! Merci Beaucoup!Danke!Obrigado!Dankjewel!Hvala!Thank you!

Guidrr, Inc. 2016