Content Strategy: The Importance of Content Strategy in Marketing

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Matt Goolding from Zest Digital looks at the importance of a wider strategy in undertaking content marketing. A comprehensive content strategy is essential, and this presentation outlines how to develop and utilise the bigger picture in order to see the most positive effects.


<p>Content Strategy </p> <p>Content Strategy</p> <p>The Importance Of Content Strategy In Marketing</p> <p>01865 684999Content Marketing &amp; Content Strategy:According to Lauren Popes Why Content Marketing Needs Content Strategy at 2013s Content Marketing Show</p> <p>Content strategy is about the how, the user, the big picture, the governance, and the planning.</p> <p>Content marketing is about the what, the business, the tactics, and the individual campaigns.</p> <p>01865 684999Developing a Content Strategy:According to Lauren Pope, you need to look at:</p> <p>Purpose Why create a piece of content?Principles What commandments do you follow when creating it?Platforms What tools / distribution do you use?Processes The recipe you follow to create a great piece.People Who creates it? Are they talented in creating a certain type of content?Performance Measure the benchmarks for success.</p> <p>01865 684999</p> <p>Throwing Sh*T Against The WallHannah Smiths presentation at 2013s Content Marketing Show</p> <p>Content is designed to:EntertainEducatePersuadeSell 01865 684999</p> <p>It cant do everything!</p> <p>Throwing Sh*T Against The WallYou need to PICK YOUR BATTLES.</p> <p>01865 684999</p> <p>Part of developing a strategy is to decide what your content is designed to achieve.</p> <p>01865 684999Dont create content for the sake of it!Dont Waste TimeDont go in blind. Planning effectively avoids wasting your time!01865 684999</p> <p>AUDIENCE!Identify your audience, and plan your content around what will appeal to them. </p> <p>01865 684999</p> <p>PERSONASSegment your audience into different individuals</p> <p>Meet Barry</p> <p>He is 52.He loves cycling.His kids are at University.He has expendable income.He has a full head of hair.</p> <p>Context!You need to consider the context of your content:</p> <p>When will your content be read?Where will your content be read?How will your content be read?</p> <p>You can find much of this information on Google Analytics if you look hard enough.01865 684999</p> <p>Editorial CalendarAn editorial calendar is essential to planning your content marketing effectively.</p> <p>Plan according to seasonMake creation more efficientLeave space incase of amazing new ideas!</p> <p>01865 684999Creating Great ContentThere are a number of key stages to creating EVERY piece of content;</p> <p>Establish goals.Plan the creation.Research facts &amp; data.Write, draw, or design.Distribute.Monitor &amp; analyse.Learn &amp; improve.</p> <p>This takes time!!01865 684999What Are We Doing?We create comprehensive content strategies for all clients upon launch of their campaign. This includes;</p> <p>Discovery DayAudience IdentificationCore Message IdentificationCompetitor Analysis12 Month Editorial Calendar</p> <p>01865 684999</p> <p>A Summary:Dont neglect planning &amp; preparation.Get into the heads of the audience.Create your content with the bigger picture in mind.Continuously evaluate performance and make changes accordingly.</p> <p>01865 684999</p> <p>For more Information:Contact Zest Digital today!</p> <p>Call: 01865 684999Visit: </p> <p>01865 684999</p>