Content Marketing: How to Become a Better Storyteller

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  • STORYTELLING WORKS BECAUSE #PubconSFIMA @katykatztx+ Its human nature to relate to stories+ Stories make information tangible+ Stories forge connectionsAnd stories BUILD MEMORIES.

  • Most people forget 90% of what you share.*Source: Dr. Carmen Simon#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

  • Storytelling offsets attention loss by turning on more parts of the brain.#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

  • You can tell better storiesin 7 steps.#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

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    #pubcon @katykatztxDEFINE YOUR PERSONA

  • A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer.#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

  • PERSONAS+ Establish values and pain points+ Make customers tangible+ Set guidelines for the language of your customersAnd help you get PERSONAL.#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

  • DEMOGRAPHICS+ Age+ Gender+ Salary+ Location+ Education+ FamilyGOALS & CHALLENGES+ Values and fears

    MARKETING MESSAGE+ Elevator pitchSOCIAL MEDIA+ Platforms+ BehaviorNAME & JOB TITLE+ Where they work+ Details about their rolePERSONA TEMPLATE#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

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    #pubcon @katykatztxFIND THE CONFLICTImage Source

  • CONFLICT+ Ignites emotion in the reader+ Gives an element of suspense+ Requires a solutionAnd keeps your audience HOOKED.*Source: TED Talks Storytelling Techniques by Akash Karia#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

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    #pubcon @katykatztxCREATE A PLOTLINE

  • THE PLOT+ WHO: make the human connection+ WHAT: be sure to include the external benefit+ WHY: have a purpose+ HOW: establish trust+ PROOF: not just your own words*Source: Matthew Toren#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

  • People dont buy what you do, they buy why you do it.*Source: How Great Leaders Inspire Action on TED Talks- Simon Sinek, TED Speaker#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

  • ITS ABOUT THEM, NOT YOU*Source: Storytelling Discussion on @katykatztx

  • THE HEROS JOURNEY*Source: Adaptations of Joseph Campbells Heros Journey via Content Marketing Institute #PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

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    #pubcon @katykatztxSOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEWImage Source

  • FAMILIARITY WORKS BECAUSE + The brain is primed to pay attention to something that it recognizes

    + It takes LESS time for your brain to categorize familiar information

    + You can create a state of uncertaintyUncertainty is triggered when the brain sees something familiar combined with something unfamiliar.*Source: Dr. Carmen Simons#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

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    #pubcon @katykatztxUSE SENSORY LANGUAGEImage Source

  • People dont remember what you say as much as see when you say it.*Source: TED Talks Storytelling Techniques by Akash Karia- Patricia Fripp, Speech Coach#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

  • SENSORY LANGUAGE+ Creates a picture in their mind+ Gives your story depth+ Allows them to see, hear, taste, feel, and smellAND PUTS THEM IN YOUR SHOES.#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

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    #pubcon @katykatztxSHOW, DONT TELLImage Source

  • SHOW, DONT TELL+ Be specific, detailed, and concise+ Create a foundation for your content+ Use dialogue instead of narrationPlace the reader in the STORY.*Source: TED Talks Storytelling Techniques by Akash Karia#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

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    #pubcon @katykatztxTHE MORAL IS THE CTA

  • CALL TO ACTION+ Every good story has a moral+ Drive your point home with the story+ Make the CTA the next logical stepIGNITE YOUR READERS ACTION.#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

  • HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

  • INDUSTRY BLOG: COPYBLOGGER*Source: 10 Rules for Creating Content People Share by Demian Farnworth#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

  • BRANDS BLOG: NIKE*Source: Randall-Reilly#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

  • EMAIL: HUSTLE CONYou can SIGN UP for Hustle Cons Newsletter here#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

  • SEVEN STEPS TO BECOMING A BETTER STORYTELLERDefine your personasFind the conflictCreate a plotlineInclude something old and something newUse sensory languageShow, dont tellThe moral is the CTA

    #PubconSFIMA @katykatztx

  • WHATS YOUR STORY?#PubconSFIMA @katykatztx