Content Marketing: Harnessing the Power of Content to Develop New Business

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Learn how to use content marketing to gain prospects. Presentation given by Kevin Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of Didit Marketing, at Market New York Expo.


<ul><li>1.Content Marketing: Harnessing the Power of Content to Develop New Business MARKET NY EXPO MAY 29th, 2014 </li></ul> <p>2. sensitive and confidential Founded Didit in 1996. 19 years of SEM, SEO &amp; digital media. Campaign Technology Maestro / MAPS. Written four books, 400 + columns, 350+ conferences. Technology ala-carte, or Technology + Services. You decide when and how you need our help. Over 50% of clients are referrals 2007 2007, 2008, 2009 Kevin Lee Mini Biography 3. sensitive and confidential How to identify the right kinds of content for your business Cost effective ways to generate content How content helps your SEO When and how to promote content via social media Storytelling: 140 characters through long form content Can you go viral and should you try When it makes sense to pay to promote content Overview of Content Marketing 4. sensitive and confidential What content do you need? Prioritize it. Who (is consuming the content?) What (are you an expert in and what are the primary objectives of each piece of content?) When (is the content consumed?) Where (does the content reside?) Why (is your content good enough &amp; important enough?) How (will you create this content and how can you re-use the content?) How Often (will you create new content?) How (will everyone find, receive and consume it?) The Content Plan 5. sensitive and confidential Long form copy Short form copy Evergreen content News and commentary Video Podcasts Webinars Events Social Media Posts Testimonials Content Types WHAT COUNTS CONTENTAS ? 6. sensitive and confidential Personas, Demographics, Psychographics? Who are you generating content for? Who is consuming your content? 7. sensitive and confidential Think of Titles, too (if B-to-B) Who is consuming your content? 8. sensitive and confidential Customers Prospects Press Analysts Influencers Competitors Channel partners Who is consuming your content? THINK BROADLY 9. sensitive and confidential The Sales/Purchase Funnel (in its new form) relies on content at every stage. Social Media Content Content for eMail Site Content for each visitor type Content with heavy SEO objective Non-text content Offline content Know the role(s) of each piece of content. Have a content plan. Who (based on buying cycle) 10. sensitive and confidential Sometimes content doesnt need to relate directly to leads, prospects or customers SEO links matter. Social media worthy? Both interesting &amp; of interest? What are you an expert in? 11. sensitive and confidential What is the objective of the content? Objective of the content 12. sensitive and confidential Time of day and usage. Call To Action? When is the content consumed? 13. sensitive and confidential Strongest locations? Where: Think Beyond Your Site 14. sensitive and confidential Participate in forums. Where: Think Beyond Your Site 15. sensitive and confidential Low quality content doesnt do the job for anyone. Why is your content important? 16. sensitive and confidential Quality is in the eye of the beholder (and Google) What defines high quality? 17. sensitive and confidential Internal Content Marketing Team Customer service Executives Product/engineering Content Sourcing External Content Writers Your agency Customers Suppliers + 18. sensitive and confidential Internal content Do you have existing content? Interview everyone around the company to find out: 1. What customers hate/love 2. Issues, problems 3. Testimonials 4. Competitive strengths and weaknesses 5. Tangential areas of interest for customers Internal Content 19. sensitive and confidential External content Brainstorming on additional ideas Content type Content reuse Promotion plan Do the SMEs know the industry or topic area? Can they come in and interview you? External Content 20. sensitive and confidential However: Video content can be re-edited into bite-size chunks Podcast edits Abstracts of other content or your own content Social media re-use of content residing elsewhere Content Re-use Google and Bing dont like content re-use. 21. sensitive and confidential Content needs to be a priority. Make a content calendar Consider a Google Spreadheet or Calendar Plan out two months ahead Allow for news driven content to push evergreen content further out. Content Calendars 22. sensitive and confidential What content is promotable and is it worth promoting heavily or less so? Auto-promoting? Content Promotion Plan Create it and they will come? Not anymore. Didit worked with influencer Eric Enge. 23. sensitive and confidential When does it make sense to pay to amplify message? When its the most interesting! Content Promotion Plan 24. sensitive and confidential Cant think of content? Content Curation Consider content curation along with commentary. 25. sensitive and confidential PR Social Media Email Snail Mail SEO Blogs Discussion groups (no spamming!) Content Promotion Plan PROMOTION CHANNELS 26. sensitive and confidential People dont search in a vacuum. Media, PR and marketing stimulate search behavior. When people get curious about a product, they search. Brand searches spike most Search becomes as much a metric as it is a media Attribution models often neglect to quantify the impact of failure to be there in search. Quality Score goes up when you advertise. Search and Media Interaction 27. sensitive and confidential What stimulates search in your business? Video Online Display Media / Rich Media / Gaming Social Media (advertising and buzz) Email Marketing (CRM and acquisition/advertising) Offline Media / Direct Mail Public Relations (On Good Morning America?) Things That Drive Search Behavior Some of these are paid media, some are earned media. How well can you control these? Some are your stimuli, others are your industry/competition. 28. sensitive and confidential 95% of non-brand keyword site visitors leave without converting during that session. Worthless clicks? Or Micro-Conversions? How are you Defining Success? Dont define conversions / success too narrowly. 29. sensitive and confidential Stay educated on best practices. Make content creation a part of daily life at your company Bring in experts when needed to train and in some cases assist Figure out whats working Conclusion 30. sensitive and confidential MORE QUESTIONS? </p>