Content Hacking for Growth Hacking

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Create your entire content marketing library from a single, 2-hour on-camera interview.


  • 1.Your Entire Content Library FROM A SINGLE VIDEO SERIES by Shea Glenny @danyashea in/danyashea

2. PREMISEGrowth Hacking requires compelling content to attract and convert visitors. 3. FACTOR Content is King & Context is Queen 4. FACTOR Googles Hummingbird Algorithm 5. FACTOR User Behavior 6. PROBLEM Content planning can be confusing, a never-ending well of possibilities, expensive and time-consuming. 7. SOLUTION Create an entire content marketing library out of one 2-hour, on-camera interview. 8. STRATEGY A 2-hour on-camera interview can be repurposed into: 20 3-min videos 1 50-pg/8000-12,000 word eBook 20 500-word blog posts 1 40-slide slideshow for Slideshare Over 600 Tweets Over 130 posts for Facebook, G+ & LinkedIn 9. TACTICS The Interview 2 hours shoot Relaxed setting Q&A style20 FAQs 10. TACTICS The 20-part Video Series 1 video/FAQ Question as on-screen text Condense rambling answers3 min MAX per video 11. TACTICS The 50 Page eBook Audio transcription service 60 min of talking =10,000 words 10,000 words = 50 pages50 pages = 5 chapters Just right for thought leadership Or 3-part mini series for lead gen 12. TACTICS The Blog 10,000 word eBook = 20 500-word blog posts 20 is lead gen tipping point Full blog = more conversions CTA to Download eBook at end of each blog post 13. TACTICS Twitter 15 tweets per blog post 40 tweets per eBook chapter 5 tweets per 3-min video15 tweets for slideshow = over 600 tweets = 200 days of 3 tweets/day 14. TACTICS Facebook, LinkedIn & G+ 3 posts per blog post 3 posts per 3-min video 10 posts for eBook 7 posts for Slideshare = 137 posts 80/20 rule for 3 self-promo/wk = nearly a year of posts 15. MORE TO EXPLORE Podcasts lists Infographics Landing Pages Microsite 16. RESOURCES 17. Thank You!Get more from me @danyashea in/danyashea