Consumer Engagement: How to Reach & Engage Consumers Across Devices

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Text of Consumer Engagement: How to Reach & Engage Consumers Across Devices

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    A decade of digital innovation has changed the way consumers interact with technology, engage with brands and relate to one another. Consumers expect interactions with a brand to be connected, personalised and relevant, regardless of how they engage a challenge in a world of siloed marketing channels.

    The Rakuten Marketing DifferenceWe deliver a consistent message and personalised experience across all digital channels. While we optimise each channel for performance, we still ensure a consistent message and brand experience for consumers across channels.

    At Rakuten Display, our goal is to engage consumers through innovative display advertising solutions. We are able to create a seamless brand experience across devices and drive incremental revenue for our clients.

    In this booklet, we will address the challenges marketers face and go through the key steps you need to take in order to reach and engage consumers.


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    The consumer journey is no longer linear. Consumers interact with brands in many different ways and through multiple touch points before converting.


    Your brand should be present at every stage of the funnel, across devices and platforms, such as Facebook or video. For example, your customer might be out shopping but checking their mobile device; you can use this opportunity to drive the consumer into your brick and mortar store by serving them a display ad using hyper- local targeting.

    MeasurementOur attribution technology allows you to understand every touch point in the consumer journey and its impact on revenue. This allows you to continually improve the consumer experience and where to invest marketing budget to yield the highest returns.

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    Media buying & OptimisationBecomes problematic as you cannot easily shift budgets across solutions when you realise one strategy is outperforming another.

    CreativeCan cause disparities between designs.

    ReportingIf reporting is not consolidated within a single interface, it makes it difficult to effectively track all display efforts.


    The digital marketing landscape is complicated and there are hundreds of ad tech companies and service providers in the display advertising ecosystem.

    The effectiveness of your overall display strategy is diluted when you have different vendors managing your marketing efforts across awareness, customer acquisition, retargeting and retention.

    This impacts on the following:






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    Last ClickMeasuring last click does not account for all touch points in the customer journey.

    Quantifying DisplayUnderstanding displays impact on revenue is not always clear.

    KPIs & ObjectivesDisplay management often lacks clear objectives and KPIs.

    Did you know?

    Offline purchase attribution studies show influence of display campaigns on offline purchases

    The display channel is not always optimised for performance: Solution:

    Rakuten Display simplifies your programme by providing a complete set of solutions, delivering a connected experience across channels, screens and marketing programmes. All your display needs are addressed, with the benefit of working with a single team dedicated to the success of your programme.

    We optimise your display solutions to your preferred performance metric, as well as engagement, because consumers who interact with ads are more likely to convert and become loyal customers.

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    Mobile is a critical piece of your display strategy, it links together the consumer experience and creates a seamless brand experience across screens.

    Mobile Experience - Our capabilitiesWe identify consumers across devices through combining two approaches; probabilistic and deterministic models, excelling in both reach and accuracy. Plus, we deliver mobile optimised experiences at scale, by optimising for screen size across devices, with dynamic ad serving capabilities.

    *Source: Digital Marketing Magazine Claire West: 46% of UK Consumers Now Use Mobile Devices as Their Primary Tool in Purchase Decision Making.


    Over 40% of UK consumers use their mobile device for researching a purchase but over half purchase on another device. *

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    Building brand awareness and converting abandoning customers

    Great Little Trading Company (GLTC) is an award winning online childrens retailer. They partnered with Rakuten Display to launch their first-ever retargeting strategy, quickly expanding from just desktop retargeting to include Facebook retargeting solutions and cross-device regtargeting and prospecting.

    Marketing Objectives

    Deliver a consistent brand experience across all channels & devices. Reach and engage customers across platforms through our prospecting solutions. Showcase key products and categories through retargeting solutions. Convert GLTCs high value customers.

    Great Little Trading Company


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    Providing the Means and Insight

    By tracking in-ad interactions across GLTCs Rakuten Display campaigns we could interpret customer intent and optimise conversion by providing personalised content, product segmentation, bespoke creative and programmatic media buying.

    Key Findings

    GLTC identified that tablet to mobile was the most popular cross-device journey and that their mobile audience was a key driver in converting sales.

    The Results

    GLTC reached just under 400,000 customers, delivering 17,399 sales through desktop, Facebook and cross-device retargeting and prospecting activities. In addition, we delivered insights across GLTCs display strategy and helped drive scale and incremental revenue.

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    Looking at the bigger picture

    Understanding the consumer is fundamental engaged customers return to your website and convert at a higher rate. Focus on reaching consumers with the right message at the right time, across channels and screens, and at each stage of the purchase funnel. By doing this you will:

    1. Build your brand awareness with large-scale reach 2. Prospect new target audiences to your site3. Drive conversion with engaged customers through retargeting4. Retain existing customers


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    We excel in the following key areas:

    The Rakuten Display difference

    Transparency Reporting & AnalysisUnlike most display companies, we share all our insights about your campaign performance with you, as well as our customer insights into your cross-channel and cross-device performance.

    Customisation Dynamic CreativeWe bring the shopping experience to the consumer when they view the ad. We create customised ads with bespoke features such as tabs, scrolling capabilities, zoom and video functions.

    Optimisation - Campaign ManagementOur media buyers are invested in the success of your campaign. They make optimisation decisions based on your KPIs and business needs.

    Strategy Client ServiceOur account managers are your display advocates; proactively managing your account using data insight and optimisation updates to streamline performance.

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