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  • Audience building



    Activation & Engagement


    Revenue Generation

    Analytics & Management

    Working with data

  • Embed your sign-up form on any


    Protect with captcha and

    minimum age control.

    Collect audience preference from


    Collect audience

    contact details

    Registration Forms

    Grow your mailing list from anyone who emails you

    Grow your mobile contact list from

    anyone texting or calling your


    Add to your database anyone commenting on

    Facebook or Twitter

    Grab details from first


    Direct Call-to-Action

    Fans can easily to send cool content

    to their friends

    Start a story from a friend mention

    on Twitter

    Use a referral widget for more

    options like eCards

    Easy, trackable friend invites

    Give content for contact details

    Grab information

    from messages

    Referral Media Gifting Data Parsing

    Ask for email and send a missing comic chapter

    Ask for a mobile number and text a

    secret location

    Ask for email and send bonus music


    Ask for an email address or a name

    via SMS

    Grab data from 3rd party emails

    like Gumroad and IFTTT

    Have slimmers text their weight or runners their

    distance walke

  • Call someone when they open

    your email

    Send a follow-up email if someone

    clicks a link to view your video

    Send an alert to yourself when

    someone clicks a link in their SMS

    Auto-reply when someone

    clicks a link

    Link Trigger

    Listen for a phrase in a Facebook comment and

    automatically post a reply

    Listen for an @mention on

    Twitter and respond automatically

    Listening for an email with a request-for-

    information and automatically send

    a reply

    Auto-reply to pre-defined


    Message Trigger

    Detect when a certain number of

    video views is reached and then email your contact


    Detect a certain number of tweets

    and then publishing a video

    Detect for a certain number of YouTube

    comments and then publish the

    video to Facebook

    Auto-publish when a milestone

    is reached

    Auto-respond when someone shares content

    Auto-reply on a different channel

    Goal Trigger UGC Detection Cross-Triggering

    Detect when someone shares an

    image, video or link on Twitter or


    Reward those who share an image on


    Reply only to those who post a video

    on Facebook

    Receive an email and reply with a

    phone call

    Receive a Tweet with an image

    attached and send an email

    Send an SMS to someone who

    makes the right comment on


  • Send VIP invites to those most active

    on Facebook

    Have your hero die by fire; but only for those whose

    greatest fear is fire

    Text a follow-up to those who have

    not replied to your ema

    Send content based on past


    Behavorial Targeting

    Dynamic personalization of

    any message or social media post

    Include the audience score and

    progress on your emails

    Replace whole paragraphs of text with smart content

    based on past behavior.

    Publish content with personalized



    Create different roles within a team

    for a crisis simulation (CEO,

    CMO, CIO)

    Send those playing as The Mole

    information ahead of time

    Allow the audience to change roles

    from cop to killer in an SMS game

    Personalized experience based

    on role

    Choice-based personalization

    Send content based on video


    Role Play Choose Adventure Timeline Trigger

    Deliver a different conclusion based

    on previous choices.

    Create a Q&A on Twitter and reveal

    personalized results

    Pick and send a URL based on

    points scored or badges earned

    Create timeline events in the video

    and use them to cause activity on other platforms

    Reward viewers with exclusive

    content because you know they


    Call the viewer just as a character is calling on screen

  • Instantly create an app that works

    across all mobile devices with your graphics and your

    content built inside Conducttr

    Easily and immediate update the app


    Take our open-source code and build your

    own app to work with Conducttr

    Your own app with no code

    Custom app

    Have audiences collaborate to solve a mystery or save a


    Provide private group social media messaging thats unique to each


    Have the choice of a single player affect

    the whole team

    Offer collaboration and


    Multiplayer & Teams

    Post different content on your

    blog depending on preferences

    expressed on Twitter

    Let Facebook comments decide the ending of your

    web series

    Remember which way each audience

    member voted

    Give fans a voice Multi-platform date and time


    Publish on interaction and


    Voting Scheduled Publishing Event Publishing

    Synchronize publishing across

    all your channels social media,

    email, sms, digital locker and custom


    Visualize and automate your

    publication schedule

    Never miss an opportunity for


    Schedule automated call-backs and follow-

    ups at times an audience member usually interacts

    Delay an auto-reply until business hours, commuting time or after the kids have

    gone to bed

    Change your responses depending on time of the day or

    day of week.

  • Increase someones XP every time they engage with your


    Show players their Progress through

    an experience

    Have characters remember the

    strength of relationship to a


    Award points, levels, progress,


    Game Mechanics

    Display audience rankings

    Reward with vouchers and


    Leaderboards Coupons

    Show players their ranking based on

    any metric you decide

    Embed a leaderboard of

    players on any web site

    Show the leaderboard inside your custom app

    Send vouchers to the first 50 fans

    who Tweet a correct answer

    SMS a unique discount code for people to redeem

    in real-world locations

    Leave coupons and special offers

    inside the Digital Locker

    Use badges to reward engagement and good behavior!

    Award a badge for each location visited

    on a tour

    Award a badge to the first player to find an answer on Twitter

    Award a badge when someone logs in 10


    Award badges!


    Every audience member gets a

    personal area with content just for


    Match the digital locker content to

    someones progress through an experience

    Use multiple digital lockers per player for scheduled content, reward content and

    premium content


    personal space

    Digital Locker

  • Franchise an urban scavenger hunt

    around the world

    Design an educational game

    to be run independently by


    Sell your crisis simulation to

    different companies

    Sell your experience as a

    replayable service


    Collect payment on services like

    Gumroad and send notification to


    Send bonus track of new album once user has bought tickets for

    the concert

    Provide codes for a private screening of your new film once

    user has paid

    Integrate with payment systems


    Give engaged fans rewards from


    Give sponsors credibility, kudos

    and metrics

    Provide sponsor with channel to talk

    directly with fans

    Offer brands an authentic


    Sell your project for

    others to copy

    Sponsor Integration Premium Templates

    Template your project for faster

    starts second time around

    Repurpose your simulation to

    adapt it to another sector

    Translate and localize your game

    to be run in another country

  • Export detailed interaction-level information for

    data mining

    Filter and export incoming and

    outgoing messages

    Export interactive projects in a

    familiar movie-script style report

    Export and analyze interaction-level


    Detailed Reporting

    Real-time visualization of

    project activity, even at peak traffic times

    Track actions and messages of any specific audience


    Easily spot loops and logic errors while


    Real-time tracking of audience interaction

    Activity Feed

    Create notification lists for different


    Allow your team to subscribe or unsubscribe

    themselves with no management from


    Send notifications to everyone on certain milestones or as a

    scheduled reminder

    Send alerts to notification lists

    Get real-time updates on

    important events

    Big data store of all your audience

    Team Alerts Goal Notification Audience Database

    Receive an SMS when someone

    uses bad language on your Facebook


    Get an email when someone registers

    or finds the solution to a riddle

    Get an follow-up reminder with

    updates on most engaged audience

    Store information about your audience preferences, choices,

    engagement, advocacy and more

    Allow multiple multi-channel contact

    details per person

    View individual activity feed for each

    audience member

  • Count fan demands and publish content

    in response

    Publish a video when fans

    @mention your show 1000 times

    Publish a Facebook revelation when

    500 fans email to demand it

    Publish when fans demand it

    Flock to Unlock

    View content by episode

    View social content as an interactive


    Blend scripted content with real-time and historical

    social media

    See what's happened while

    you've been away

    Catch Up

    Send a different reply to the same


    Send a different reply to different


    Send the same reply to the same people at different times

    Never send the same reply



  • Make data meaningful and


    Use conversational language and

    characterisation to connect to audiences

    Get your point across in any


    Convert data into readable text

    Data-driven Narratives

    Show bar charts and comparisons

    Show progress bars for funds raised and

    other support

    Show voting results as they happen

    Display data as it happens

    Dynamic Charts

    Export detailed interaction-level

    information for data mining

    Filter and export incoming and

    outgoing messages

    Export interactive projects in a familiar

    movie-script style report

    Export and analyze interaction data

    Detailed Reporting

    Create mobile survey forms

    Private, anonymous or

    public comment feeds

    Grab data from public, private and personal sources

    Collect data from people & systems

    Data Collection