Co-Creation of Food Packaging

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Case study - FMCG


<ul><li> 1. Co-creation of food packaging </li></ul> <p> 2. The client: An FMCG manufacturer The brief: Create a point of differentiation in packaging innovation The objectives: Co- create new packaging designs with consumers Packaging innovation for differentiation 3. In-home testing of new packs Customers engaged to trial new pack design for storage, usage disposal Iterative qualitative discussions held over time to fine tune pack design 4. The outcome Ground breaking new packaging was launched, commanding a significant price premium while also meeting consumer needs 5. LATITUDE INSIGHTS Changing the conversation Melbourne office 312 Waverley Road Malvern East VIC 3145 P: +61 3 9571 1199 Sydney office Suite 8, 43-45 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove NSW 2066 P: +61 2 9420 2337 E: W: For more about this study contact: Dianne Gardiner CEO 0417 323 765 </p>


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