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Google adwords is one of the most popular internet marketing platforms in the world. Unfortunately, many people are missing out on potential ROI because there campaigns and ads aren't set up properly. This slideshare is a beginners guide to setting up adwords campaigns. There is some adwords keyword strategy discussed and some helpful tips on landing page optimization.



2. WHAT IS GOOGLE ADWORDS An automated auction Paid search, not organic You choose relevant key words Search term: word or phrase When a prospective customer searches using these keywords, or something related to them, your keywords are put into auction along with those of others Person with the highest quality score and the highest max bid is listed first. Ads appear as paid search results or as sponsored links 3. HISTORY OF PAY PER CLICK February 1998 PPC model presented at TED Conference in California.December 1999 - Google implemented search engine advertising.October 2000 - The Google AdWords system was introduced.Early 2002 - PPC was introduced; until then, advertisements were charged at cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) 4. HOW GOOGLE MATCHES ADS Google scans millions of web pages using contextual targeting technology to analyze content of various web pages By looking at keywords and ad text in campaign, Google identifies the main concept behind the advertising message System automatically places the most relevant ads with the most relevant pages Remember: Googles goal is to quickly and correctly match the search with relevant results. The better you are at helping Google with quality ads, The higher your site will rank and the lower your costs will be. 5. WHAT IMPACTS THE QUALITY SCORE? Historical Performance/Click Through Rate (CTR) Account Campaign Ad Group Keyword Display URLRelevance Landing Page (More on this later) Keyword to Ad / Ad Group Ad Group to Landing page 6. CPC Just because you bid $1, you may not actually pay that muchGoogle discounts your price so you pay only $0.01 more than is required for your add to appear before your closest competitor Actual CPC =(Bid price of ad rank to beat) (Your quality score)+ $0.01 7. GOOGLE AND DISPLAY The Google Display Network is a large group ofwebsites and other products, such as email programs and blogs, who have partnered with Google to display AdWords ads on their sites. -Related Sites Unrelated Sites Youtube Apps Many more. REMEMBER Google just wants to sell ads 8. GOOGLE AND DISPLAY Display networks differ from Google search Users do not type in a query Encounter ads while doing something else Form of passive search Ads are placed based on context (the content on the page), not on exact targeted keywords Search and display should be managed separately - Why? Be sure to turn off Google Content and Display Networks Used budget quickly Not targeted search 9. GOOGLE ADWORDS HIERARCHY Campaign name AdGroups Ads KeywordsTulie Bakery Cakes Cakes in Salt Lake City (Headline) Best cake in Salt Lake City (Description) Winner of SLC dining awards (Description) (Display URL) Cake, birthday cake, wedding cake, chocolate cake, etc. 10. TEXT ADS Headline no longer than 25 characters including spaces2 Description linesno longer than 35 characters each including spaces Try putting a benefit on the 2nd line and a feature or offer on the 3rd line, then switch to see if improvements are made URL: Where do you want the person who clicks to go. (No longer than 1,024 characters) Should be a landing page which is relevant to your text ad Dont use the home page unless it provides details similar to what you are advertising 11. WHO IS YOUR CUSTOMER? Derive from marketing plan Age Gender Income Geography Education Employment Who will purchase product vs. who will ultimately use it? Use research to back decisions 12. TIPS FOR CREATING SUCCESSFUL TEXT ADS Highlight your unique strengths Offer, product, etc. Free shipping, large selection, etc. Include prices, promotions, exclusives if applicable Tell customers what they can do using strong verbs Purchase, call today, Order, Sign up, Get a quote, etc. Include at least one of your keywords in text ad Match ad to the landing page Experiment Create 3-4 ads per ad group and measure performance using analytics 13. TIPS FOR CREATING SUCCESSFUL TEXT ADS Touch the emotional core of your audience More control Independence Freedom More time More money Better health Better appearance Promotions To feel included Social advancement To be appreciated Security Confidence EnjoymentSource: Geddes, Advanced Google Adwords 14. CONSIDER WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO AVOID More workUnacceptable risk Doubt Criticism GuiltEmbarrassment Pain Feeling stupid Being ignoredHow can your ad copy touch on these things? Source: Geddes, Advanced Google AdWords 15. SAMPLE ADS THAT TOUCH ON THESE POINTS Buy a Dell ComputerBe productive on European flights with our 8 hour extended battery Be the Hero MS ExchangeSave your company Thousands Download hosted exchange whitepaper www.example.comSource: Geddes, Advanced Google AdWords 16. ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS FOR DEVELOPING ADWORDS Step 1: Consider what are you trying to accomplish in marketing plan Awareness? Education? Revenue?Step 2: Consider what type of searches you are trying to capture Transactional Informational 17. ORGANIZING AN ADWORDS CAMPAIGN Define your campaign You can have several Then expand into AdGroups and Keywords The campaign name is Susans Bakery AdGroupCake -BasedLunch-BasedKeywordsWedding cakes Sandwiches Birthday cakes Soups Custom cake designs Homemade lunch Build your own salad 18. ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF CONTENT STRUCTURING Bicycle shop example Bicycles (Campaign) Road (AdGroup) Cursers (Keywords) Racers Hybrids Mountain (AdGroup) Full Suspension (Keywords) Hard Tail Ultra light Clothing (Campaign) Mens (AdGroup) Womens Childrens Parts (Campaign) Accessories (Campaign) Repair Service (Campaign) 19. KEYWORD STRUCTURE IN GOOGLE BEFORE INPUTTING YOUR CAMPAIGN INFO Keywords vs. search queries Keywords (also known as adwords), are bid on Queries: What users type in the search box Match Types for Google and Bing Broad: Loose matches, much traffic. Not recommended Cheapest, but not targeted Broad match: Broader results, but you can specify that certain words must by in the search term Phrase: Tighter match, less traffic, more targeted, expensive Exact: Tightest match, least traffic, also most targeted, most expensive Negative: Eliminates words and controls traffic 20. EXAMPLES OF KEYWORD TYPES Broad match: Used by default Keyword: Mens shoes Match: Womens shoes, formal dresses, mans flip flops, horse shoes If you want to use broad match, start with 1-2 word phrases Modified Broad MatchAllows you to specify that certain words must be in someones search term in order for your ad to be shown +buy +wedding +cakes Only works with broader terms Note the + sign in front of the word, but the space after the word 21. EXAMPLES OF KEYWORD TYPES Phrase match: Your keyword phrase must be present somewhere in the search results Keyword: Mens formal shoes Match: Cheap mens formal shoes in Miami Start with 2-4 word phrases Exact match Keyword [Mens formal shoes] Note brackets Match: Mens formal shoes Negative Keywords you do not want included: Golf shoes 22. GOOGLE ADWORDS KEYWORD TOOL Keyword Type Example = Broad Match +Example= Modified Broad Match Example = Phrase Match [Example] = exact matchCompetition Search Volume Global vs. Local Local Search Trends Estimated Avg. CPC 23. GOOGLE ADWORDS KEYWORD PLANNER A good place to start is with the keyword search. You can input a few keywords and the tool will help you discover additional keyword ideas. 24. GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER BID ESTIMATES Set an estimated bid price and a daily budget and the tool will give you estimated clicks, impressions, cost, click through rate, ave CPC, and average position. 25. KEYWORD PLANNER DETAILED KEYWORD ESTIMATES The tool offers a drill down by keyword so you can estimate top performers and higher search volume. It is important to have a broad keyword list for testing but a refined list for ROI. 26. OTHER KEYWORD TOOLS Google Search Based Keyword ToolMicrosoft Advertising Intelligence Wordtracker Keyword Discovery SpyFu Google Suggest Google Trends Miva NicheWatch WordZ 27. CONSIDER COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Who are your competitors?What keywords are they bidding on and not bidding on? What are they highlighting in their ad copy? Are they successful?*Typically if someone is in the #1 ad position they have been spending on adwords for a long time. It is good to see what they are spending on. 28. THINGS TO AVOID The word FREEWords in all caps Competitive claims not supported on the landing page Ads using improper grammar or spelling Ads which use offensive or inappropriate languageClaims of price, discounts, etc. that are not shown to the consumer within 1-2 clicks from the landing page Improper punctuation including bulleting each line of ad copy Repeating the same word multiple times Words like best unless your landing page supports it. Lack of a privacy policyespecially if taking payments on-line 29. CONSIDER YOUR BUDGET AND HOW MUCH ARE WILLING TO SPEND What is a acquisition worth to your business?What is the average website response rate? What is the average conversion rate in person, over the phone or online. What are you willing to pay per click based on conversion rate and acquisition value? 30. DETERMINE GEOGRAPHIC AREA You can limit the customers who see your ad by geography City Metro Zip Code Three or 5 mile radius of business Set an appropriate geographic boundary based on your business needs Most likely metro 31. MEASURING SUCCESS Clickthrough Rate: People who click on your adAverage Position: Avg. Pos column on campaigns tab. Tells where ad is in search results 11 ads on search pages If position higher than 11, ad not showing on first page First Page Bids: Understand going rate for being on the first page Keyword tab under status column High first page bid may mean ad not relevant Quality Score: Click on icon in status column under keywords tab Sales AwarenessGoogle Anal