Brand Visibility Growth Through Social Media

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<p>Brand Visibility Growth through Social Media</p> <p>Brand Visibility Growth through Social MediaNitin Raj BaldevVice President DigitalHCL Infosystems</p> <p># | Copyright 2016 |</p> <p># | Copyright 2016 | | Copyright 2016 |</p> <p>Worldwide social network ad spending reached $16.10 billion in 2014, a 45.3% increase from 2013 that pushed socials share of overall digital ad investment to 11.5%.January 2015 - emarketer)Social media is the most powerful marketing tool available in the world</p> <p># | Copyright 2016 | | Copyright 2016 |</p> <p>Social Media Platforms for Brand Visibility and Growth </p> <p>Social Engagement Users have millions of companies, brands and pages they can follow. Whats going to make them engage with you?)</p> <p>Response Management Have actual conversations, asking questions, answering theirs and addressing concerns. This makes you reachable in consumers eyeB2B marketing Position your brand as a reliable resource for industry informationothers used for Presence and Reach</p> <p># | Copyright 2016 | | Copyright 2016 |</p> <p>Social media is valuable for growth for Brand Visibility for four reasons. </p> <p># | Copyright 2016 | | Copyright 2016 |</p> <p>Starbucks is on just about every corner in the real world, same strategy is online. They have 36 Million followers on Facebook. They have integrated Starbucks card account management within the social network. On Twitter they are responding to mentions, apologizing for bad experiences. On foursquare they have 1.7 Million followers and listed their 12K locations. Brands' biggest problem is not able to connect with customers on an emotional level. Social media allows you to humanize brand and meet your target market where they are. Changing corporate name to a living entity. People feel I may not get a response from customer service, but the brand will respond to me on Twitter.</p> <p>Humanize Brand</p> <p># | Copyright 2016 | | Copyright 2016 |</p> <p>Advocacy</p> <p>IBM has 500 thought leaders in its IBM Voices advocacy program. Dell has over 10,000 employees who have gone through an internal social media certification program and are trained to support the companys objectives in social media.Businesses approach social advocacy in two ways =&gt; Employees Advocacy making it easy for employees to get involved with sharing and promoting=&gt; Ambassador Advocacy Building a group of supporters who can share with you and for you</p> <p># | Copyright 2016 | | Copyright 2016 |</p> <p>Social media sites are excellent at generating leads and driving traffic to landing pages or websites. This organic method of driving traffic acquisition is more valuable than paid advertising efforts.Web TrafficTesla released their launch event video so people can engage. In less than 48 hours, they had orders placed for $10 B worth of products. </p> <p># | Copyright 2016 | | Copyright 2016 |</p> <p>Cisco saved more than $100K thru Social media launch. 9000 people attended social media launch. 90 times more attendees than in the past. Learning the potential, they launched a Cisco Social Media Listening Centre #CiscoListens. You can learn/listen what people are saying about the brand and use that knowledge to improve processes, communications, or features</p> <p>Listening</p> <p># | Copyright 2016 | | Copyright 2016 | www.hclinfosystems.comLets Talk</p> <p># | Copyright 2016 | | Copyright 2016 |</p>


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