Boost Mobile Game Retention with 5 Hacks

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Learn 6 easy growth hacks that will boost your mobile game's retention. Caroline Lee, the Community Developer @polljoy shows you how some easy to duplicate hacks that you can apply to your strategy and dramatically improve your app's retention. Prevent your users from leaving your mobile game and app and boost your retention. More more marketing hacks and tips for app developers, visit polljoy's blog : And if you are looking for an in-app rating prompts service to boost your 5 star ratings and your revenue, check

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2. WHEN IT COMES TO FREEMIUM, GAME USER RETENTION IS KING 3. Use psychology to drive up game retention 4. A game that monetises well but only retains for short periods may generate revenue in the short term... 5. But will burn through users and fail long term. 6. On the other hand... 7. Higher game retention will lift you on Apple and Googles app store rankings algorithm. Bringing in more users in a virtuous cycle. 8. Higher game retention = More In App Purchases 9. 1/ Emphasise investment and progress 10. In mobile, this means people will be more willing to return to a game if they perceive they have made progress. 11. Example: Township 12. You begin with a basic city up and running rather than being asked to start it from scratch. Giving you the sense of investment and ownership. 13. 2/ Encourage collection 14. Humans have the desire to collect items 15. Increase mobile game retention through the use of collectible sets to complete and achievements. Encouraging users to stay longer to finish a collection they have started. 16. Example: Mystery Manor 17. 3. Have specific calls- to-action 18. In this study, researchers found that adding a specific call to action greatly increased the amount of students getting their tetanus shots. The number of participants getting vaccinated rose from 3.3% to an impressive 33%. 19. Use push notifications 20. 4/ Foster community 21. Human are hardwired to seek out interaction and relationships with others. 22. Facebook studies have shown that users retain longer and spend more when using a social login to an app than not. 23. Include community features Facebook page Social feedback Popular with the community sections Commenting, sharing and following 24. Example: Candy Crush incorporates cooperation and competition in its gameplay 25. 5/ Add randomness 26. Theres a reasons casinos keep sucking players back in. 27. Since the 1920s and the famous experiments of B.F. Skinner, science has shown a variable reinforcement schedule (eg payoffs or rewards, both physical and psychological) can greatly help reinforce behaviour patterns. 28. Adding some luck to your app or game can help keep users keeping coming back. 29. 6/ Listen to why users are dropping 30. Whether in the first day or after the first year, users will drop out. 31. Use your statistics package (Flurry, Mixpanel etc) to understand where the drops occur. 32. And use an in-app prompts (polljoy). It lets you directly ask for feedback from the users just before the drop points, analyse results and identify what needs to be fixed. It can also reward users for giving the feedback. 33. t For more tips on how to improve your Mobile app & game ranking and get more 5 star reviews, follow our blog: 34. Confidential - polljoy, Inc - 2014 Learn more at Mobile Surveys for your mobile game Get more 5 star ratings Learn why users leave Instant product feedback Test text & images In-app customer engagement Learn Faster.