Baffled by Rebranding?

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  • Baffled by Rebranding?

    Stephen McGill, President & Creative Director | @mcgillbuckley |

    Youre not alone.

  • What is aBrand?

  • A brand exists in the minds of its audiences. It is a collection of

    perceptions, feelings and experiences about who you are, what you do, how

    youre different and how you make them feel.

  • Your brand is what people say about you when youre not in the room.

    Jeff Bezos,

  • What is aRebrand?

  • Rebranding is a strategic, concentrated and consistent effort to

    change perceptions and feelings about who you are, what you do and how you

    are different.

  • Pet Peeve:

    When you change your logo, you are not rebranding. Youre (duh) changing

    your logo.

  • Still baffled?Ask a few Questions(It helps you decide what you need to do)

  • Rebranding questions:

    Why are you thinking about rebranding?1

  • Rebranding questions:

    What measurable difference will a rebrand make in your organization?


  • Rebranding questions:

    Where should you start? 3

  • Rebranding questions:

    Is this a brand tune-up or an overhaul?4

  • Rebranding questions:

    What is on the rebranding table?5

  • Rebranding questions:

    Are you willing to be different? 6

  • Rebranding questions:

    Who is responsible? 7

  • Thank you for your time.@mcgillbuckley | |