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In part 2 of our professional services masterclass series, we discuss what makes web design and content engaging, and share some practical tips on driving the right visitors to your site in greater numbers.

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  • 1. Attract and engage website visitors Alex Tucker - @tuckera Chris Arnold - @chrisarnoldcouk

2. Tweet us @practice_web #PWlive 3. Recap - 7 page marketing plan Page 1 SWOT Page 2 Marketing goals Page 3 - Current capabilities Page 4 Marketing research Page 5 Messaging Page 6 Tactics Page 7 - KPIs 4. HANG ON A MINUTE BEFORE WE GET STARTED 5. How much traffic do I need? Start with sales How many new clients to we need? How many proposals to we need? What's our conversion rate from visitor to enquiry? 6. Some benchmarks On average, professional services firms Turn 10% of web visits into enquiries Convert 50% of leads into proposals Win 30% of those proposals 7. Be aware We need 60 visitors for each new client Visits Visitors Visitors rarely convert to leads on their first visit You still need clients to visit your site 8. Know your audience 9. Create client profiles Job title or persona What is this users typical scenario: How will they find the site: What are they looking for on the site: What questions are they asking: What do you want them to do on the site: What added value can you offer them: 10. Questions to ask What motivates them? What keeps them up at night? Are they decision maker? Influencer? Researcher? How fluent are they? What language do they speak? Where do they look for information online? 11. Important to remember You are painting a portrait of a person, not describing an organisation 12. ENGAGING PROSPECTS ON THE WEB 13. Engaging prospects make life easier social proof sell 14. Web pages should Answer the right questions Provide supporting material / resources Call to action Content Call to action Supporting resources 15. How that looks 16. Productivity Trick Repurpose 17. ATTRACTING VISITORS SOCIAL : SEARCH : EMAIL 18. Social marketing Website & Blog Twitter Facebook LinkedIn YouTube 19. Make social marketing work Refer to your client profile (remember part 1?) target as far as you can Groups Lists Remember its social Use the 6:3:1 rule 20. (and other search engines) 21. Search Marketing onsite Use keywords naturally Have relevant and unique page titles Include meta descriptions Structure websites properly Use unique, original content throughout Have alt text for images BE RELEVANT (go back to your client profile) 22. Search Marketing - offsite Outreach Local, industry relevant directories Social Media* Press releases real ones Google Places Google reviews Consistent information 23. Search Marketing - AVOID Keyword stuffing and Hidden keywords Exact match domain re-directs Duplicate, quality content Poor quality links Any agency who guarantees anything 24. And lets not forget 2.9 billion user accounts Used 122 billion times per hour 3 times as big as Facebook and twitter combined Used 100 times more than search engines Arguably the most trackable marketing medium Been here forever and here to stay 25. You guessed it 26. Email best practices Segment Personalise Use clear, non-salesy, jargon-free copy Optimise for mobile A/B test to learn what works 27. Next week Converting visitors to enquiries and sales practice/webinars