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Advocamp: Adrienne Weissman

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You are naked.

Good afternoon everyone. Im excited and grateful to be here today. I was supposed to fly in from Chiberia aka Chicago last night but per usual for Chicago, loads of flights were cancelled and delayed. The good thing about my flight cancellation was that I took my kids to our local Art Center where one of my daughters art pieces is being exhibited for the rest of the month. While we were there, my 10 year old daughter asked me why exactly was I heading to San Francisco. I told her I was attending a conference and was going to be talking about what we are doing at G2 Crowd. Naturally, she wanted to know what exactly I would be talking about. Truly, I wish I could have captured her reaction and expression when I told her I was going to be talking about being naked. It was HILARIOUS. However, after she got over that I would be talking to a large group about being naked, she actually realized it really wasnt that unusual for me to be talking about being naked since we are big on being totally transparent as a family. No topic is off limits. Which is why, I think talking about nakedness in a work setting is normal to me. And really, its more about being transparent than it is about really being naked. But lets be real naked is a lot more fun to say than transparent.

Anyway, lets get to the real point of today. Lets talk about being naked at work. The fact is that even though being naked can be uncomfortable, you are already naked whether you like it or not.

Customers are in control.62,000reviews600,000visitors/month100,000LinkedIn verified users

Customers have been talking about brands and products for decades. The difference now is that our insanely connected worlds make finding and engaging with customers easier than ever before. And finding information about B2B products is becoming easier and easier.

We all know that:

1. Purchasing B2B software is not an easy task. G2 Crowd makes the buying process a whole lot easier. G2 Crowd is a platform of unbiased, transparent insight into B2B software products and companies.

2. Prospects are leading themselves through the purchasing funnel and are highly educated by the time they engage with sales person. Business professionals are now able to make decisions based on actual customer feedback, before they sign on the dotted line.

The rapid evolution of individuals online identity, brands and professionals are more open than ever before.

There will ALWAYS be unhappy customers. No one brand can fulfill everyones needs. Just like people are unique, so are their businesses and their needs. Customer reviews and feedback can help shed light on current issues, provide insight into problems that might be popping up and are a way for brands to engage with customers (happy and unhappy) in an open forum showcasing to prospects what they might expect from a company should they become a customer.

InsideView is a great example of a company and team embracing this concept.

Power of the Customer Voice

Embrace Transparency 3 Reasons to Expose YourselfTransparency builds trustOut-innovate the competitionFuture customers WILL find you

Develop a Review StrategyImplementAdvocate Programs

Build Trust with User ReviewsCreate Opportunities for Involvement

Digital Karma

Launchpad for up-and-coming influencers

Share product updates, NPS scores

Create Opportunities for Involvement & Social Sharing


Expose Your Brand

Create Demand

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