Adaptive content: Why it matters right now

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  1. 1. Bambrick Media Level 4, 196 Wharf Street Brisbane, QLD, 4000 +61 7 3216 1151 Adaptive content refers to a content strategy designed to support meaningful interaction on different channels. Its main goal is to place content in as many places as possible and get its full potential. It follows the concept that content deserves more than just one appearance. While most marketers have yet to employ the use of this type of content, experts know how important it is to adopt this strategy. It can solve the issue of producing sufficient content to meet the changing needs of consumers. Adaptive content is created to last, to adapt, and for the world to see. Adaptive content can be repurposed or turned into a different format like white paper or infographics. It is more like creating content that can reach every possible audience.
  2. 2. The key concept behind adaptive content includes search, personalisation, mobile, and engagement. The content should also be reusable or available in multiple formats and visible on different platforms. The content should also have a usable CMS interface with meaningful metadata. Content creators and marketers should produce content with the ability to travel farther. They should follow the popular eco- friendly concept, reduce, reuse, and recycle to get the full potential of an article. This can reduce workload, as it helps them put the content where they need it. By reusing or recycling content, marketers can make them useful.
  3. 3. Adaptive content can go places. Content that does not adapt can be become extinct or will just be useless. It is important to remember, however, that content quality has nothing to do with it. Any content, whether good or bad, should be used wisely. Blog posts should not be allowed to die or be ignored. Adaptive content challenges content strategists to repurpose articles and give audiences a chance to fall in love with them. Content should be recycled so that they could get the attention and results they deserve. It is disappointing to know that some content creators do not adopt this content strategy. This is probably the reason their efforts just go to waste. It is best to get more from content to establish a more superior customer experience. RESOURCES: