A Modern Marketing Story- How to engage with people

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ENGAGEENTERTAINIMPACTREPEATA MODERN MARKETING STORYA DOCUMENT BY RTR SPORTS MARKETINGLeveraging on social media, focusing on content marketing, building on inbound strategies and implementing mobile accessibility, weve all done them. But are they working? In this era of marketing schizophrenia and social-media-madness we forget to ask ourselves one simple question. Do people really care?ENGAGE. ENTERTAIN. IMPACT. REPEAT PG.3A DOCUMENT BY RTR SPORTS MARKETINGThe WorldTechnology and globalisation have brought marketeers exciting new tools. In the past 10-15 years our jobs have changed radically. Not only the internet has changed the rules of the game but our customers themselves have also changed; more informed but more local, more aware but also more specific in our passions and amusements. As YouTube and Twitch revolutionised the very concept of television and TV stars, Facebook and Snapchat were redefining communication.ONEENGAGE. ENTERTAIN. IMPACT. REPEAT PG.4A DOCUMENT BY RTR SPORTS MARKETINGThe kids are not kidding aroundFor marketing people The Job has stepped up its game and its not always easy to keep up the pace. New mantras entered the scene, buzzwords like Content Marketing, Social Engagement, Inbound Strategies and viral messages spread like wildfire and we embarked on this new campaign bravely but also ill-equipped. Lets face it, no matter how hard we try there will always be a 15-year old kid in his bedroom doing the job much better than us, stacking up followers by the thousands, collecting billions of views and boasting planet-wide popularity. TWOENGAGE. ENTERTAIN. IMPACT. REPEAT PG.5A DOCUMENT BY RTR SPORTS MARKETINGWe were promised jetpacksSo why is it not working? We were all promised a global reach, hundreds of new leads, dozens of clients per day which are simply not showing up. The cold, hard truth is that people simply do not care. Because no matter what exciting new tools you use, or cutting-edge piece of tech you are leveraging onto, you just are not interesting enough. And yes, time is a limited resource for your clients, stakeholders or customers and they are not going to waste it reading or subscribing to your boring, self-centred stories.THREEENGAGE. ENTERTAIN. IMPACT. REPEAT PG.6A DOCUMENT BY RTR SPORTS MARKETINGTalk to Mr.JonesIn a potentially-unlimited environment of opportunities, your audience (or supposed audience) are going to look up their interests and passions. Call it sports, music, fashion, call it whatever you wish but after a hard days work Mr Jones is not going to sit in his favourite armchair and Google your dull landing page about recent chemical upgrades to some expanded rubber materials. So if you want to talk to Mr Jones, youd better find a good story to tell him.FOURENGAGE. ENTERTAIN. IMPACT. REPEAT PG.7A DOCUMENT BY RTR SPORTS MARKETINGErm...You do have a great story,dont you?Ok, I know it is all fun and games when youre marketing for exciting companies like Nike, Apple or Netflix. These organisations have plenty of stories to share, loads of cool products to show and umpteen people to promote. But lets be honest, most of us work for insurance companies, banks, double glazing brands or the above mentioned expanded rubber makers. Though not boring at all, they do however, tend to lack exciting stories. So, how can you engage with Mr Jones when dinner is cooking? Well, remember that great story we mentioned? You can actually buy one.FIVEENGAGE. ENTERTAIN. IMPACT. REPEAT PG.8A DOCUMENT BY RTR SPORTS MARKETINGSIXWhere you want me to beHeres the thing. When Mr Jones dinner is cooking he does not care about car insurances or updates in pharmaceutical development. He cares about Sunday football, motorsport, fast cars, Game of Thrones and rock concerts. So if you are an insurance company for instance and you want to talk to Mr Jones, you have to be in that football match, on that racing bike or on stage at that Concert. In short, you are either part of Mr Jones interests, or he is out of your league.ENGAGE. ENTERTAIN. IMPACT. REPEAT PG.9A DOCUMENT BY RTR SPORTS MARKETINGWell well wellWhen you partner with a Formula 1 team or a MotoGP rider, you are buying the rights to tell a story. Moreover you are buying the rights to the details and insights of that story and to tell people you are part of it. If Mr Jones is a passionate F1 fan, you can take him behind the scenes in the paddock with some good content posted on you Facebook page or blog and actually speak to him giving him things he is interested in. Now you have Mr Jones attention. Hes listening to you. Hes your mate. And oh, look, hes now buying your products.SEVENENGAGE. ENTERTAIN. IMPACT. REPEAT PG.10A DOCUMENT BY RTR SPORTS MARKETINGEngage. Entertain. Impact.Long story short. To sell your products, you need to be relevant to Mr Jones and gain his trust among the multitude of similar companies, brands and products. You have to speak to Mr Jones but more than that, he needs hear what youre saying week after week, month after month.This is Sponsorship. Sponsorship programs give you the story Mr Jones cares about and wants to hear and provides you with the content for your social media, blogging and email marketing.EIGHTENGAGE. ENTERTAIN. IMPACT. REPEAT PG.11A DOCUMENT BY RTR SPORTS MARKETINGRTR Sports MarketingIf any of this rings a bell, it might be worth giving us a ring. RTR Sports Marketing is a industry leader in sport sponsorship and sports marketing. Since 1999 we have been helping the worlds best companies reaching their marketing and commercial goals.Visit www.rtrsports.co.uk for info and get in touch today for a tailor-made consultancy.You will not be disappointed.NINERTR SPORTS MARKETING LTD14 SHERWOOD STREET LONDON UKWWW.RTRSPORTS.CO.UKINFO@RTRSPORTS.COM