5 Twitter Tools Recruiters Need to Use to Attract Candidates Now

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Want to increase the number of Twitter followers you have? Take a look of the best tools for growing your Twitter following and to attract the best candidates.

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  • 1. 5 TWITTER TOOLS RECRUITERS NEED TO USE TO ATTRACT CANDIDATES NOW Pocket-sized Social Media Tips From PocketSocial.co.uk @mypocketsocial

2. 11 Tweepi Tweepi lists your followers followers, and tells your their number of tweets, replies, when they last tweeted etc. Use this data to decide who best to follow, such as influencers, or people who are interested in your industry. 3. 22 Curata Using Curata, you can search for content by topic, which you can share to your Twitter following. Make sure youre using hashtags so that candidates searching for conversations and content about these topics can find your tweet more easily. 4. 33 Tagboard Tagboard displays tweets around a hashtag, which you can then interact with. Tagboard displays this in a more readable and visually pleasing way, making it easier for you to choose who to engage with. Find hashtags and conversations which are related to your industry. 5. 44 Peerindex Peerindex lets you find industry influencers, which means people who follow the them are more likely to have experience working in that field making them a potential employee. Search for topics which people at the top level of your industry are going to be talking about. 6. 55 Twittimer Twittimer enables you to specify exactly what time you want your tweet to be posted. After your tweets are sent, they are stored in an archive. You can access previous tweets at any time and use them as a template for new tweets great if youre constantly posting job openings, but want to customise them. 7. Want more from social media? Imagine being able to manage your social media from your phone in between meetings, whilst waiting for a train or in the queue for a coffee. Well now you can! GET THE APP http://earlyaccess.pocketsocial.co.uk/l/ss