5+ Growth Hacking Tips & Tools For Journalists

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<ul><li><p>5+ Growth Hacking Tips &amp; Tools For Journalists</p><p>GrowthRocksSavvas Zortikis VP Product &amp; Growth</p><p>#growhackmedia</p></li><li><p>Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor </p><p>with Buzzsumo</p><p>#growhackmediaGrowthRocks</p></li><li><p>Analyze what content performs best</p><p>#growhackmedia</p><p>1. Go to buzzsumo.com 2. Do a topic search or analyze what is the best </p><p>performing content of your competitors</p><p>GrowthRocks</p></li><li><p>Analyze what content performs best</p><p>#growhackmedia</p><p>Tip ;) You can nd the top inuencers for each topic </p><p>youre interested in writing for, by simply clicking on Inuencers at the top of the page</p><p>GrowthRocks</p></li><li><p>Shorten &amp; Track The Links You Share</p><p>with bitly</p><p>#growhackmediaGrowthRocks</p></li><li><p>Shorten &amp; Track The Links You Share</p><p>#growhackmedia</p><p>1. Go to bitly.com 2. Shorten the URL youd like to share 3. Customize it for making easier for people to </p><p>remember it (i.e. bit.ly/mediahackday) 4. See the statistics of your links (clicks, </p><p>demographics, etc.) by simply adding + next to your link (i.e. bit.ly/mediahackday+)</p><p>GrowthRocks</p></li><li><p>Shorten &amp; Track The Links You Share</p><p>#growhackmedia</p><p>Tip ;) Sign up for Bitly Labs and get a daily list of top </p><p>stories from around the web personalized based on the Bitlinks you share. You can also see which </p><p>topics are viral in your region.</p><p>GrowthRocks</p></li><li><p>Build Links &amp; Boost Your SEO Strategywith Medium and Storify</p><p>#growhackmediaGrowthRocks</p></li><li><p>Build Links &amp; Boost Your SEO Strategy</p><p>#growhackmedia</p><p>By posting your articles on medium.com is like writing on your own blog, but with high PageRank </p><p>(PR7) and a domain authority of 82. Despite links are nofollow, you can use it for </p><p>driving quality trac to your website.</p><p>GrowthRocks</p></li><li><p>Build Links &amp; Boost Your SEO Strategy</p><p>#growhackmedia</p><p>Storify is a website with domain authority of 91 and all links are follow, meaning not only will you </p><p>get trac, but also yummy linkjuice.</p><p>GrowthRocks</p></li><li><p>Track Email Opens, Clicks &amp; Schedule Sendings</p><p>with Sidekick and Boomerang</p><p>#growhackmediaGrowthRocks</p></li><li><p>Track Email Opens &amp; Clicks</p><p>#growhackmedia</p><p>1. Go to getsidekick.com 2. Install it in your preferred email client 3. Install the browser extension 4. Start tracking! </p><p>GrowthRocks</p></li><li><p>Schedule Your Email Sendings</p><p>#growhackmediaGrowthRocks</p><p>1. Go to boomeranggmail.com/ 2. Install it in your Gmail 3. Start scheduling your emails for higher open </p><p>rates, set reminders for follow-ups, etc.</p></li><li><p>Get Traffic From Others Content</p><p>with sniply</p><p>#growhackmediaGrowthRocks</p></li><li><p>Get Traffic From Others Content</p><p>#growhackmediaGrowthRocks</p><p>1. Go to snip.ly 2. Create your call-to-action 3. Start stealing some trac!</p></li><li><p>Having questions? !Feel free to get in touch at savvas@growthrocks.com</p><p>GrowthRocksSavvas Zortikis VP Product &amp; Growth</p></li></ul>