5 Easy Tips for Effective Marketing Content

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Create Effective Marketing Content5 easy tips to help you write better content for your website, blog, social media, and other marketing channels

What do you want your marketing content to do?Be clear and communicate your messagePersuade the reader to take action

A lot of marketing content fails at the first.

Focus on the resultDont focus on what you do, focus on whats in it for the reader.

Keep asking so what until you get to the answer.

Focus on the result: exampleWe combined technology and personalized, expert marketing recommendations to create a unique marketing software tool.

Every day, you get actionable advice based onyourmarketing.

Keep sentences and paragraphs short.An easy rule to follow: keep sentences shorter than 40 words, paragraphs shorter than 100.

Shorter sentences and paragraphs are easier to read and hold the readers attention.

Keep sentences short: exampleAt Stardust Technology, we are committed to providing our staff with comprehensive, cutting-edge technology training as well as opportunities to access professional development programs within the software industry.

Our employees regularly undergo external training to update their skills and ensure they are aware of the latest trends.

Be directDon't qualify yourself too much. Don't be afraid to take a stand. Sometimes we are so careful to say the right thing we end up not saying anything at all.

Be direct: exampleI do think you should, you know, be as direct as possible - not that subtlety doesn't have its advantages, but it depends so much on the context. So when you can, it's better to just say it instead of beating around the bush, though sometimes you can't tackle the bush head on, some bushes can be tricky... But it's usually, in most cases, better to not take a long time and end up diluting your point.

Be direct and clear. You want your audience to understand what you mean without having to go to a lot of trouble to figure it out.

Don't use jargon Make your writing accessible. Make sure any industry terms you use will be understood by your target audience. Dont use unnecessary short forms.

Edit or get an editorIf you can hire a good editor or get someone in your target audience to review the copy, do it. Otherwise, edit it yourself. Sleep on it, and then come back and look at it with a fresh mind.

Be honest: is it easy to read? Does it fulfil your objectives? Will it persuade the audience?

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