30 shades of content | 30 tips for content marketing

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  • 30 shades of content

    PhDr. Ma Dudziakov

    masa@lovebrand.cz | @mascha_dudu

    www.lovebrand.cz | @lovebrandcz

  • #1 Attract people to something you

    plan. But be mysterious about that.

  • #2 Write a blogpost and refer to it. That`s nothing new, but works

    still great.

  • #3 If you don`t have anything

    clever to say, quote someone who has.

  • #4 Ask clients for reference to your

    work. And don`t keep it to yourself.

  • #5 Jokes about your business are great, because they show you don`t take yourself so serious.

  • #6 Do you encounter some myth over and over again and again? Show that it is not like people


  • #7 Don`t keep everything to

    yourself. Share some tip, app or advice that helped you


  • #8 Sometimes it is just enough to

    write simply how you are feeling today.

  • #9 Create or dig for interesting charts. People love charts.

  • #10 Show yourself. People want to

    see who gives them these great posts.

  • #11 Play school. Explain some

    professional term you use at work.

  • #12 Recycling is so in. Re-post some

    of your successful posts.

  • #13 The year is full of different (and often weird and funny) holidays

    and anniversaries.

  • #14 The year is full of different

    international days of something weird and funny. Look at www.daysoftheyear.com.

  • #15 Someone does his job well?

    Show it and tell why you like it.

  • #16 Do you wonder what people

    want to hear, see and read? Ask them.

  • #17 Do you use several social media like? Cross-promote them from

    time to time.

  • #18 Do not be shy to boast about

    what you've created. Show your product.

  • #19 Even if you're not scientist do

    your own research. Ask customers what they like about

    your product and where you could do better.

  • #20 Let people see something from the working process. Let them

    peek behind the scenes.

  • #21 DIY projects are so in. Look for something business related on


  • #22 Surely you know a little work

    related trick or hack. Show it, so everyone can learn.

  • #23 Go back to the past. Show some

    "historical" stuff.

  • #24 Show what you are doing

    outside of work.

  • #25 If you make a mistake show that

    you have learned from it. But you need to do it ASAP.

  • #26 Cats, kids and sex. It works the

    most. Try it but please don`t mix all three together.

  • #27 Try Fill in the blanks in the


  • #28 Write a blogpost. But not for your own blog. Yeah, that`s guestblogging what we are

    talking about.

  • #29 Recommend a handy online tool

    or app. Bonus points if it`s free.

  • #30 Infographics is almost always a

    safe bet. Create yours with Piktochart.com.

  • That`s it! Now try it yourself.

    PhDr. Ma Dudziakov

    masa@lovebrand.cz | @mascha_dudu

    www.lovebrand.cz | @lovebrandcz