25 Twitter Do's & Dont's

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Unlike Facebook and many other closely monitored social media outlets, Twitter is a lawless community where anyone can post anything. And while some people take advantage of that wild-west-ish world for spam and other unruly or exotic calls-to-action, many of you are just looking for some general guidelines to tweet by and/or tips for growing your network. For those of you that fall into the latter category, here are twenty-five do's and don't for Twitter:


  • 1. 25 DOS & DONTS FOR

2. DONT 3. DONT Complain about work. 4. DONT Tweet about religion. 5. DONT Tweet about politics. 6. DONT Be afraid to express your opinions. 7. DONT Be too personal or negative. 8. DONT Repeatedly post the same link or tweet. 9. DONT Abuse trending topics or hashtags. 10. DONT Over sell your own stuff. 11. DONT Over share your own stuff. 12. DONT Post more than one #FF per Friday. 13. DONT Use corporate rhetoric and jargon. 14. DONT Exceed ve tweets per day. 15. DONT Post a picture you wouldn't want to see on the front page of the newspaper. 16. DONT Post similar messages over multiple accounts. 17. DONT Say anything you wouldnt say to someones face or to a TV camera. 18. DONT Publicly mention and thank everyone who follows you. 19. DONT Follow someone today and unfollow them tomorrow. 20. DONT Send automated/scheduled messages and replies. 21. DONT Just post a URL with no supporting text. 22. DONT Follow more than 25 new people at once. 23. DONT Follow hundreds of people at once and remove all who dont follow you back. 24. DONT Send a canned direct message whenever someone new follows you or your company. 25. DONT Make your account settings private. 26. DONT Be guilty of the selfcongratulatory retweet. 27. DONT Forget to reply to mentions. 28. D O 29. D O Complete your prole. 30. D O Add a picture of your face or companys logo. 31. D O Have a sense of humor and be funny. 32. D O Follow hashtags (#) when attending events/webinars. 33. D O Collect peoples Twitter names just like you do phone numbers and email addresses. 34. D O Create hashtags (#) for your own events. 35. D O Utilize new tools and resources. 36. D O Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. 37. D O Follow thought leaders and bloggers in your industry. 38. D O Follow people your followers are following. 39. D O Follow people suggested in #FF (Follow Friday) tweets. 40. D O Make your Twitter usernames easy to nd. 41. D O Make your tweets useful resources so people need you. 42. D O Interact with those people you follow who dont follow you back yet. 43. D O Use the Favorites feature as a list of testimonials. 44. D O Link to your own stuff as well as others. 45. D O Direct Message people instead of sending them an email. 46. D O Develop relationships with reporters, bloggers and other media people through Twitter. 47. D O Respond to critics or negative comments people tweet about you, your company or products. 48. D O Use your company account to update customers as well as prospects. 49. D O Be sure to follow back everyone who follows your Company Account. 50. D O Integrate your Twitter efforts with your other marketing initiatives. 51. D O Follow the celebrities youd want to be friends with, the newspapers you read, the products you use, the restaurants you eat at, the designers you wear, and the athletes you root for. 52. D O Tweet at your favorite celebs and people you don't personally know. 53. D O Follow @RyanPratt ;) 54. For more information:www.ryan-pratt.com! @ryanpratt